Google makes it easier for users to switch on Advanced Account Protection
The strict requirement for two physical keys is now eased when passkeys are used.
12-07-2024 22:45

OpenAI reportedly nears breakthrough with “reasoning” AI, reveals progress framework
Under new classification, Level 2 AI can perform "human-level problem solving."
12-07-2024 21:58

First “Miss AI” contest sparks ire for pushing unrealistic beauty standards
Influencer platform's controversial contest awarded prizes to three nonexistent people.
11-07-2024 21:45

Exim vulnerability affecting 1.5M servers lets attackers attach malicious files
Based on past attacks, it wouldn’t be surprising to see active targeting this time, too.
11-07-2024 20:47

Exim vulnerability affecting 1.5 million servers lets attackers attach malicious files
Based on past attacks, It wouldn’t be surprising to see active targeting this time too.
11-07-2024 20:47

Intuit’s AI gamble: Mass layoff of 1,800 paired with hiring spree
Intuit CEO: "Companies that aren’t prepared to take advantage of [AI] will fall behind."
11-07-2024 15:37

Threat actors exploited Windows 0-day for more than a year before Microsoft fixed it
The goal of the exploits was to open Explorer and trick targets into running malicious code.
10-07-2024 21:44

In bid to loosen Nvidia’s grip on AI, AMD to buy Finnish startup for $665M
The acquisition is the largest of its kind in Europe in a decade.
10-07-2024 17:19

OpenAI board shake-up: Microsoft out, Apple backs away amid AI partnership scrutiny
Microsoft gives up non-voting observer board role; Apple rethinks a planned similar position.
10-07-2024 15:17

OpenAI board shakeup: Microsoft out, Apple backs away amid AI partnership scrutiny
Microsoft gives up non-voting observer board role; Apple rethinks a planned similar position.
10-07-2024 15:17

How disinformation from a Russian AI spam farm ended up on top of Google search results
A fake article about Volodymyr Zelensky’s wife buying a Bugatti with US aid was promoted by bots.
10-07-2024 11:10

New Blast-RADIUS attack breaks 30-year-old protocol used in networks everywhere
Ubiquitous RADIUS scheme uses homegrown authentication based on MD5. Yup, you heard right.
09-07-2024 19:02

The president ordered a board to probe a massive Russian cyberattack. It never did.
The Cyber Safety Review Board missed an opportunity to prevent future attacks, experts say.
08-07-2024 17:52

384,000 sites pull code from sketchy code library recently bought by Chinese firm
Many website admins, it seems, have yet to get memo to remove Polyfill[.]io links.
03-07-2024 19:36

“RegreSSHion” vulnerability in OpenSSH gives attackers root on Linux
Full system compromise possible by peppering servers with thousands of connection requests.
02-07-2024 19:03

3 million iOS and macOS apps were exposed to potent supply-chain attacks
Apps that used code libraries hosted on CocoaPods were vulnerable for about 10 years.
01-07-2024 23:43

Inside a violent gang’s ruthless crypto-stealing home invasion spree
More than a dozen men threatened, assaulted, tortured, or kidnapped 11 victims.
29-06-2024 10:55

Researchers craft smiling robot face from living human skin cells
Living cells isolated from juvenile foreskin are flexible enough to grin when moved.
28-06-2024 15:14

OpenAI’s new “CriticGPT” model is trained to scrutinize GPT-4 outputs
Research model catches bugs in AI-generated code, improving human oversight of AI.
27-06-2024 19:40

OpenAI’s new “CriticGPT” model is trained to criticize GPT-4 outputs
Research model catches bugs in AI-generated code, improving human oversight of AI.
27-06-2024 19:40

Mac users served info-stealer malware through Google ads
Full-service Poseidon info stealer pushed by "advertiser identity verified by Google."
27-06-2024 19:27

AI-generated Al Michaels to provide daily recaps during 2024 Summer Olympics
AI voice clone will narrate daily Olympics video recaps; critics call it a "code-generated ghoul."
27-06-2024 15:30

Critical MOVEit vulnerability puts huge swaths of the Internet at severe risk
A similar flaw last year left 1,800 networks breached. Will the latest one be as potent?
26-06-2024 23:31

Toys “R” Us riles critics with “first-ever” AI-generated commercial using Sora
AI-generated commercials are here, and critics are displeased—but human work is still key.
26-06-2024 16:58

Researchers upend AI status quo by eliminating matrix multiplication in LLMs
Running AI models without matrix math means far less power consumption—and fewer GPUs?
25-06-2024 22:27

Backdoor slipped into multiple WordPress plugins in ongoing supply-chain attack
Malicious updates available from create attacker-controlled admin account.
24-06-2024 21:00

Music industry giants allege mass copyright violation by AI firms
Suno and Udio could face damages of up to $150,000 per song allegedly infringed.
24-06-2024 18:44

Anthropic introduces Claude 3.5 Sonnet, matching GPT-4o on benchmarks
Claude 3.5 Sonnet is a speedy mid-sized entry in a new family of AI models.
20-06-2024 21:04

Single point of software failure could hamstring 15K car dealerships for days
"Cyber incident" affecting 15K dealers could mean outages "for several days."
20-06-2024 16:03

Ex-OpenAI star Sutskever shoots for superintelligent AI with new company
Safe Superintelligence, Inc. seeks to build hypothetical AI far beyond human capability.
20-06-2024 14:06

Runway’s latest AI video generator brings giant cotton candy monsters to life
New Gen-3 Alpha AI video generator can create detailed humans and surreal situations.
18-06-2024 21:41

Men plead guilty to aggravated ID theft after pilfering police database
Members of group called ViLE face a minimum of two years in prison.
18-06-2024 20:30

Softbank plans to cancel out angry customer voices using AI
Real-time voice modification tech seeks to reduce stress in call center staff.
18-06-2024 17:09

High-severity vulnerabilities affect a wide range of Asus router models
Many models receive patches; others will need to be replaced.
17-06-2024 18:39

Proton is taking its privacy-first apps to a nonprofit foundation model
Because of Swiss laws, there are no shareholders, and only one mission.
17-06-2024 16:40

Ransomware attackers quickly weaponize PHP vulnerability with 9.8 severity rating
TellYouThePass group opportunistically infects servers that have yet to update.
14-06-2024 19:40

Retired engineer discovers 55-year-old bug in Lunar Lander computer game code
A physics simulation flaw in text-based 1969 computer game went unnoticed until today.
14-06-2024 18:04

“Simulation of keyboard activity” leads to firing of Wells Fargo employees
With worker surveillance on the rise, vendors sell devices to fake keyboard and mouse movement.
13-06-2024 20:51

Report: Apple isn’t paying OpenAI for ChatGPT integration into OSes
Apple thinks pushing OpenAI’s brand to hundreds of millions is worth more than money.
13-06-2024 17:20

Turkish student creates custom AI device for cheating university exam, gets arrested
Elaborate scheme involved hidden camera and an earpiece to hear answers.
12-06-2024 20:52

New Stable Diffusion 3 release excels at AI-generated body horror
Users react to mangled SD3 generations and ask, "Is this release supposed to be a joke?"
12-06-2024 19:26

One of the major sellers of detailed driver behavioral data is shutting down
Selling "hard braking event" data seems less lucrative after public outcry.
12-06-2024 17:57

China state hackers infected 20,000 Fortinet VPNs, Dutch spy service says
Critical code-execution flaw was under exploitation 2 months before company disclosed it.
11-06-2024 22:56

Apple and OpenAI currently have the most misunderstood partnership in tech
Apple's AI moves are nothing new for a company that has integrated outside tech for decades.
11-06-2024 17:29

Hackers steal “significant volume” of data from hundreds of Snowflake customers
Given shortcomings of Snowflake and its customers, there's plenty of blame to go around.
10-06-2024 22:08

Apple unveils “Apple Intelligence” AI features for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS
Apple debuts new catchall AI branding, generative features during WWDC 2024 keynote.
10-06-2024 19:15

Apple rolls out numerous “Apple Intelligence” AI features for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS
Apple debuts new catchall AI branding, generative features during WWDC 2024 keynote.
10-06-2024 19:15

Nasty bug with very simple exploit hits PHP just in time for the weekend
With PoC code available and active Internet scans, speed is of the essence.
07-06-2024 21:57

VMware customers may stay, but Broadcom could face backlash “for years to come”
300 director-level IT workers making VMware decisions were questioned.
07-06-2024 14:24

7,000 LockBit decryption keys now in the hands of the FBI, offering victims hope
The announcement could be good news for those whose data has been inaccessible.
06-06-2024 19:13

DuckDuckGo offers “anonymous” access to AI chatbots through new service
DDG offers LLMs from OpenAI, Anthropic, Meta, and Mistral for factually-iffy conversations.
06-06-2024 16:39

Russian agents deploy AI-produced Tom Cruise narrator to tar Summer Olympics
With only weeks until the Games start, expect more to come, Microsoft says.
05-06-2024 21:41

Ex-OpenAI staff call for “right to warn” about AI risks without retaliation
Open letter argues for AI whistleblower provisions due to lack of government oversight.
04-06-2024 21:52

London hospitals declare emergency following ransomware attack
Attack takes out third-party testing and diagnostics provider critical to care.
04-06-2024 21:16

Zoom CEO envisions AI deepfakes attending meetings in your place
Eric Yuan told The Verge that "digital twins" are the future of work.
04-06-2024 19:23

Ticketmaster hacked in what’s believed to be a spree hitting Snowflake customers
Researcher says Snowflake customers hit by mass scraping ... "but nobody noticed."
03-06-2024 22:23

Nvidia jumps ahead of itself and reveals next-gen “Rubin” AI chips in keynote tease
"I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to regret this," says CEO Jensen Huang at Computex 2024.
03-06-2024 17:13

Journalists “deeply troubled” by OpenAI’s content deals with Vox, The Atlantic
"Alarmed" writers unions question transparency of AI training deals with ChatGPT maker.
31-05-2024 21:56

Google’s AI Overview is flawed by design, and a new company blog post hints at why
Google: "There are bound to be some oddities and errors" in system that told people to eat rocks.
31-05-2024 19:47

Federal agency warns critical Linux vulnerability being actively exploited
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency urges affected users to update ASAP.
31-05-2024 17:38

Tech giants form AI group to counter Nvidia with new interconnect standard
"Ultra Accelerator Link" aims to connect high-performance GPUs and servers.
30-05-2024 20:42

Law enforcement operation takes aim at an often-overlooked cybercrime linchpin
Officials hope to sever a component crucial to the larger malware landscape.
30-05-2024 19:41

Mystery malware destroys 600,000 routers from a single ISP during 72-hour span
An unknown threat actor with equally unknown motives forces ISP to replace routers.
30-05-2024 14:00

OpenAI board first learned about ChatGPT from Twitter, according to former member
Helen Toner, center of struggle with Altman, suggests CEO fostered "toxic atmosphere" at company.
29-05-2024 15:54

Researchers crack 11-year-old password, recover $3 million in bitcoin
A flaw with the digital wallet and a bit of luck did the trick.
29-05-2024 15:42

US sanctions operators of “free VPN” that routed crime traffic through user PCs
911 S5 residential proxy service was composed of 19 million IP addresses.
28-05-2024 23:28

OpenAI training its next major AI model, forms new safety committee
Amid criticism, OpenAI's new "safety" team includes CEO; GPT-5 may be farther off than expected.
28-05-2024 16:05

Newly discovered ransomware uses BitLocker to encrypt victim data
ShrinkLocker is the latest ransomware to use Windows' full-disk encryption.
24-05-2024 22:06

Google’s “AI Overview” can give false, misleading, and dangerous answers
From glue-on-pizza recipes to recommending "blinker fluid," Google's AI sourcing needs work.
24-05-2024 11:00

Crooks plant backdoor in software used by courtrooms around the world
It's unclear how the malicious version of JAVS Viewer came to be.
23-05-2024 22:46

Bing outage shows just how little competition Google search really has
Opinion: Actively searching without Google or Bing is harder than it looks.
23-05-2024 20:01

A root-server at the Internet’s core lost touch with its peers. We still don’t know why.
For 4 days, the c-root server maintained by Cogent lost touch with its 12 peers.
23-05-2024 17:10

EmTech Digital 2024: A thoughtful look at AI’s pros and cons with minimal hype
At MIT conference, experts explore AI's potential for "human flourishing" and the need for regulation.
23-05-2024 16:38

Researchers spot cryptojacking attack that disables endpoint protections
A key component: Installing known vulnerable drivers from Avast and IOBit.
21-05-2024 19:14

New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
Recall uses AI features "to take images of your active screen every few seconds."
20-05-2024 21:43

OpenAI on the defensive after multiple PR setbacks in one week
Sexy voices, departing employees, and NDA rumors have challenged the AI company.
20-05-2024 20:51

Financial institutions have 30 days to disclose breaches under new rules
Amendments contain loopholes that may blunt their effectiveness.
17-05-2024 19:27

Arizona woman accused of helping North Koreans get remote IT jobs at 300 companies
Alleged $6.8M conspiracy involved "laptop farm," identity theft, and résumé coaching.
16-05-2024 22:49

Archie, the Internet’s first search engine, is rescued and running
A journey through busted tapes, the Internet Old Farts Club, and SPARCstations.
16-05-2024 17:44

#MIWIC2024 One To Watch: Valeen Oseh-Ovarah, Founder and CEO of TisOva
Organised by Eskenzi PR in media partnership with the IT Security Guru, the Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Awards aim to shed light on the remarkable women in our industry. The following is a feature on one of 2024’s Ones to Watch winners selected by an e
16-05-2024 17:34

Cato Networks Partners with e& Further Expanding Global SASE Platform with New UAE PoP
Today, Cato Networks announces a strategic partnership with e& (etisalat and) during International Telecoms Week (ITW) in the United States, a significant move that will see the establishment of a new Point-of-Presence (PoP) within the global technol
16-05-2024 13:41

Most Companies Affected by Software Supply Chain Attacks in the Last Year, Struggling to Detect and React Effectively
Over the past year, a significant portion of global organisations (54%) experienced software supply chain attacks, with many struggling to adapt to the escalating risk environment. These findings stem from ‘The State of Software Supply Chain Securi
16-05-2024 13:33

Advanced Cyber Defence Systems Joins Elite Group in Signing CISA’s Secure by Design Pledge
Advanced Cyber Defence Systems (ACDS) has today joined the US Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) and UK National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) Secure by Design pledge, becoming one of the first 100 companies, alongside AWS, Micr
16-05-2024 13:25

Building a diverse and inclusive cyber workforce
At this month’s DTX Manchester, I’ll be taking part in a panel discussion around the importance of inclusion and diversity in cyber recruitment. For far too long cyber security was seen as a man’s sport. Not only did men take up the majority of leadershi
16-05-2024 12:57

Public Sector IT is Broken: Turning the System Back On
Today’s IT services within public sector organisations are not adequate for their intended purpose anymore. Security breaches frequently make headlines. Downtime disrupts services and productivity. There is excessive overspending across the UK too. What
16-05-2024 10:50

BreachForums, an online bazaar for stolen data, seized by FBI
An earlier iteration of the site was taken down last year; now its reincarnation is gone.
15-05-2024 22:37

Google unveils Veo, a high-definition AI video generator that may rival Sora
Google's video-synthesis model creates minute-long 1080p videos from written prompts.
15-05-2024 20:51

Linux maintainers were infected for 2 years by SSH-dwelling backdoor with huge reach
Ebury backdoors SSH servers in hosting providers, giving the malware extraordinary reach.
15-05-2024 16:56

#MIWIC2024 One To Watch: Jenny McCullagh, Graduate Cybersecurity Engineer at Leonardo and Co-Founder and Director of CyberWomen Groups C.I.C
Organised by Eskenzi PR in media partnership with the IT Security Guru, the Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Awards aim to shed light on the remarkable women in our industry. The following is a feature on one of 2024’s Ones to Watch winners selected by an e
15-05-2024 15:55

Expert Insight: How Diverse Leadership Can Benefit the Security Sector
In today’s business landscape, diverse leadership is essential for driving innovation, improving decision-making, and maintaining a competitive advantage. Historically, STEM sectors have been male-dominated, with strict job descriptions and rigid h
15-05-2024 15:23

Commonly used passwords for new accounts include “User” & “Welcome
New research into password usage for new accounts during the onboarding process, has revealed a worrying trend where easily guessable passwords are left unchanged for new starters, presenting significant security risks for organisations. The findings fro
15-05-2024 11:45

Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever leaves OpenAI six months after Altman ouster
CEO Altman: "OpenAI would not be what it is without him."
15-05-2024 03:05

Google strikes back at OpenAI with “Project Astra” AI agent prototype
AI model updates galore at Google I/O, including 2M context window, Imagen 3, Veo, and more.
14-05-2024 19:11

Apple, SpaceX, Microsoft return-to-office mandates drove senior talent away
"It’s easier to manage a team that’s happy.”
14-05-2024 14:40

The hunt for rare bitcoin is nearing an end
Rare bitcoin fragments are worth many times their face value.
14-05-2024 14:03

Expert Insight: What’s the key to bringing more diversity into the tech sector?
It’s often argued that the lack of women and non-binary individuals in tech is due to inadequate support, insufficient attention — especially from senior management — and a dearth of those candidates studying subjects such as science, technology, enginee
14-05-2024 11:01

#MIWIC2024: Jan Carroll, Managing Director at Fortify Institute
Organised by Eskenzi PR in media partnership with the IT Security Guru, the Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Awards aim to shed light on the remarkable women in our industry. The following is a feature on one of 2024’s Top 20 women selected by an esteemed p
14-05-2024 10:32

Before launching, GPT-4o broke records on chatbot leaderboard under a secret name
Anonymous chatbot that mystified and frustrated experts was OpenAI's latest model.
13-05-2024 21:33

Black Basta ransomware group is imperiling critical infrastructure, groups warn
Threat group has targeted 500 organizations. One is currently struggling to cope.
13-05-2024 19:55

Major ChatGPT-4o update allows audio-video talks with an “emotional” AI chatbot
New GPT-4o model can sing a bedtime story, detect facial expressions, read emotions.
13-05-2024 17:58

source : arstechnica, darkreading, itsecurityguru