Forget the Shots: Focusing on Gut Health Can Aid Weight Loss
It might not produce results as dramatic as regular injections, but you can get everything you need in a grocery store, for far less money -- and this approach has the potential to improve your health in numerous ways.
22-02-2024 11:47

How to Build a Support Network for Schizophrenia Care
Schizophrenia caregiver support is essential to avoid burnout. Learn how to build a support network when you're a mental-health caregiver.
22-02-2024 11:40

Hospitals Turn to Farm-Fresh Food for Better Health
Learn how some U.S. hospitals are giving patients’ food an upgrade from local farms.
22-02-2024 09:15

Advice to Adjust to Life
If you have idiopathic hypersomnia, you might need medication, talk therapy, or lifestyle changes. It can be a challenge to adjust to life with IH. But there are strategies that can help.
22-02-2024 09:15

Puzzling Causes
If you live with idiopathic hypersomnia, you’d probably like to know what’s causing it. Unfortunately, that’s not something experts have figured out yet.
22-02-2024 09:14

Will More Red Light at Home Keep Your Blood Glucose in Check?
Researchers have found that shining 670 nm-length red light on healthy people reduces post-consumption elevation of blood glucose levels. Medscape News UK
22-02-2024 09:10

One-a-Day Pill for Alopecia Recommended for NHS Use
NICE said there is unequal treatment for people with severe alopecia areata across England and Wales and its approval of ritlecitinib could benefit up to 14,000 people. Medscape News UK
22-02-2024 08:13

Italy Spent Around 45% Of EU COVID Recovery Cash Received So Far, Report Shows
Italy has spent around 45% of the almost 102 billion euros ($110.7 billion) it has received so far from European Union COVID-19 recovery funds, short of a target set in...
22-02-2024 08:11

Alcohol-Related Liver Disease Mortality Higher in Women
Despite lower prevalence rates, women with steatotic liver disease related to alcohol consumption had close to double the risk of dying than men with the same condition.
22-02-2024 07:26

The Ghost Research Haunting Nordic Medical Trials
The results of hundreds of clinical trials in Nordic countries have never been made public. Experts say it's a global problem.
22-02-2024 07:00

Thrombectomy Benefits Large Core Stroke Out to 1 Year
New results from the SELECT2 trial also show benefit of the procedure in a large range of ischemic core sizes and in patients transferred from an outside hospital.
22-02-2024 06:08

Clearing the Air: The EU's Pollution Battle Plan
Air pollution still claims a staggering 300,000 lives annually in the European Union, emerging as the top environmental threat.
22-02-2024 05:25

Intellectual Disabilities Linked With Worse Cancer Survival
People with intellectual or developmental disabilities may be 2.57 times more likely to die of colorectal cancer than those without these disabilities.
22-02-2024 04:57

Osimertinib Plus Chemo Approved for EGFR-mutated NSCLC
With the new approval, patients now have the option of combination treatment or osimertinib monotherapy.
22-02-2024 04:53

FDA Warns Against Using Unauthorized Glucose Monitors
Smartwatches and rings with claims of measuring glucose levels without piercing the skin aren't approved by the US FDA and may be inaccurate.
22-02-2024 04:26

Long-Term Effects of B-Cell Therapy for MS
Because B-cell therapy is a fairly new treatment for MS, doctors aren't sure whether you need to take it forever. What are long-term effects?
22-02-2024 04:23

Talking About B-Cell Therapy for Your MS
How people with multiple sclerosis should arrange support from friends, family, and work before starting B-cell therapy.
22-02-2024 04:23

How B-Cell Therapy Affects MS
B-cell therapy treats MS by targeting cells that can damage nerves in your brain and spinal cord. Learn more about this promising MS treatment.
22-02-2024 04:23

Opioid Epidemic 'Fourth Wave' Marked by Methamphetamine Use
Use of methamphetamine and cocaine among those also using fentanyl reached a record high in 2023, a new report showed, more evidence of a "fourth wave" in the opioid epidemic.
22-02-2024 04:21

Prognosis of Polyarteritis Nodosa: What Are the Predictors?
Constitutional symptoms were significantly more common in systemic vs cutaneous disease.
22-02-2024 04:10

Study IDs Immune Abnormality Possibly Causing Long COVID
Dysfunctional complement system proteins could explain chronic inflammation, fatigue, and other long COVID symptoms, leading to new treatments.
22-02-2024 03:57

Study Says Healthy Plant-Based Diet Can Reduce Risk Of Sleep Apnea
People who eat a healthy plant-based diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts have a 19% less chance of having sleep apnea compared to those who eat an unhealthy diet.
22-02-2024 03:34

Exposure to Phthalates Increases Risk for Premature Birth
Exposure to phthalates is responsible for a significant portion of premature births, according to an extensive prospective study.
22-02-2024 03:14

First-Line Highly Effective Therapy Better for Pediatric MS
New research supports the use of highly effective therapies as first-line treatment in children with relapsing-remitting pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis.
22-02-2024 02:38

Apixaban for Cryptogenic Stroke With Atrial Cardiopathy
In patients with cryptogenic stroke and evidence of atrial cardiopathy without atrial fibrillation, apixaban did not reduce recurrent stroke vs aspirin in the ARCADIA trial.
22-02-2024 02:14

For Retina Specialists, 2024 Is a Time to Try New Tools
This is a year for ophthalmologists to get acclimated with three blockbuster retina drugs approved in 2023, get reacclimated with a returning implant, and to brace for 2025 and beyond.
22-02-2024 02:08

Diabetic Kidney Disease Deaths Rising in Latin America
The phenomenon is believed to result from difficulties in accessing quality healthcare, as indicated in a recent study.
22-02-2024 01:46

Over Half The World Faces Risk Of Measles Outbreak: WHO
Over 61 million doses of MCV were postponed or missed during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
22-02-2024 01:25

India Pharma Companies Develop Versions Of Wegovy to Get in on Weight-loss Windfall
Indian drugmakers aiming to grab a slice of the burgeoning weight-loss treatment sales pie, both at home and abroad, have begun developing their own versions of Novo...
22-02-2024 01:12

Empagliflozin Sheds Liver Fat in People With and Without T2D
Empagliflozin reduced liver fat content in patients with obesity and patients with type 2 diabetes.
22-02-2024 01:03

Does the Internet Protect the Elderly From Cognitive Decline?
A large longitudinal study suggests that older adults who regularly use the Internet for less than 2 hours per day have a decreased risk for dementia.
22-02-2024 01:02

October-Born Kids At Lower Flu Risk; Study Reveals Ideal Time For Influenza Vaccination
A recent U.S.-based study discovered that children born in October are more likely to get vaccinated against the flu during the same month and are at a reduced risk of contracting influenza.
22-02-2024 00:38

Perceived vs Actual Cognitive Impairment in Prostate Cancer
Following hormone therapy, patients with prostate cancer may perceive an increase in cognitive issues, despite tests showing no objective decline, a recent meta-analysis found.
22-02-2024 00:35

6 Best Pillows For A Good Night's Sleep
Ready to upgrade your sleep setup? Take a peek at our list of six top-notch pillows that'll have you snoozing in no time.
21-02-2024 13:38

Lessons From My Journey With Relapsing-Remitting MS
A professor shares some of the lessons she's learned from living with the condition.
21-02-2024 12:44

Reducing the Impact of MS Relapses
If you have a relapsing form of MS, the most important thing is early treatment with an effective disease-modifying therapy (DMT).
21-02-2024 12:29

The Importance of Staying With Your MS Treatment
When you have MS, it’s crucial that you stay with your treatment plan to head off long-term damage to your body. But there can be challenges. Find out from an expert how to manage them and stay healthy.
21-02-2024 12:27

Move Forward With Multiple Sclerosis: Tips and Tricks to Manage
Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis can be challenging to live with, but it’s not impossible. Patsy Wheeler shares her tips and tricks.
21-02-2024 12:27

What Excites Me in MS Research
There are many multiple sclerosis therapies in development right now. Bruce Bebo, PhD, shares what’s coming down the pipeline.
21-02-2024 12:27

Being Transparent About My MS
Being open and honest about my MS was easier than trying to hide it.
21-02-2024 12:27

Planning Financially for Multiple Sclerosis
A multiple sclerosis case manager offers tips on how to plan your financial future.
21-02-2024 12:27

How Science Has Transformed Multiple Sclerosis
A multiple sclerosis expert shares how the understanding and treatment of the disease have evolved over the years.
21-02-2024 12:27

How Tech Has Changed My Life With Multiple Sclerosis
People with multiple sclerosis can live full lives thanks to assistive technology. Michael Ogg shares what helps him day to day.
21-02-2024 12:26

A Black Woman’s Journey With Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis can be a challenge, but living a full life is still possible. Samantha Payne Smith shares her story.
21-02-2024 12:26

Fighting the Stigma of MS
It’s so important for patients with MS to know that their diagnosis is not a death sentence. With the proper treatments, the disease can be controlled, and you can continue to live your best life.
21-02-2024 12:26

How I Manage Relapsing-Remitting MS
Get firsthand tips about day-to-day living with multiple sclerosis.
21-02-2024 12:26

Multiple Sclerosis and Health Disparities
Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis can happen to anyone. But there are disparities when it comes to certain racial and ethnic groups.
21-02-2024 12:26

A Comprehensive Guide To Prevention And Therapy Of Crohn's Disease
Dr. Gilles R.G. Monif's book on Crohn's Disease helps readers understand the disease, empowering them to break free from its harmful effects on both their health and finances.
21-02-2024 12:25

For Many, Stigma of Hearing Loss Brings Trouble; Here's What May Help
Experts say that resistance to treatment is deeply rooted in stigma. We’re more likely to ignore hearing loss because of its connection with old age and the clunky hearing aids we remember our grandparents wearing in our youth.
21-02-2024 12:03

How Do Doctors Feel About Assisted Dying?
As more of the public support assisted dying, are doctors’ attitudes changing too? Medscape News UK
21-02-2024 09:26

Statement: Prioritize Patient Experience in Diabetes Care
New Endocrine Society statement with input from other organizations provides guidance for focusing on individual patient life circumstances that can affect their diabetes management.
21-02-2024 09:00

Thyroid Specialists' LT4+LT3 Prescribing Contradicts Beliefs
Thyroid specialists often prescribe LT4+LT3 for patients with persistent symptoms on LT4 alone and TSH normalisation, despite attributing such symptoms to nonendocrine causes. Medscape UK
21-02-2024 09:00

Patients Want the Facts Delivered in a Personal Story
When a physician and patient talk past each other, it may impair the patient's compliance and undermine the physician-patient relationship.
21-02-2024 07:15

Is MRI Screening Unnecessarily High in Prostate Cancer?
New research suggests that review of current prostate cancer screening guidelines may be needed, as MRI frequently fails to detect cancer-indicative lesions, even in men with elevated PSA levels.
21-02-2024 06:47

UK's MHRA Revokes Authorisation for Novartis' Sickle Cell Drug
Britain's health regulator said on Wednesday it had revoked a conditional marketing authorisation for Novartis' sickle cell disease drug, Adakveo.
21-02-2024 06:19

Dupilumab for EoE: How Is it Improving Treatment?
The drug was a boon for many patients, mainly those with moderate to severe disease, but cost and insurance approvals posed challenges.
21-02-2024 06:10

Lower Medication Costs Cut Diabetes Complications
Reducing out-of-pocket costs in a value-based medication plan may modestly improve short-term health outcomes in commercially insured individuals with diabetes.
21-02-2024 06:09

Female Reproductive Factors Could Predict COPD
Increased COPD risk was associated with earlier or later menarche, miscarriage history, earlier menopause.
21-02-2024 05:38

High Niacin Levels Linked to Major CV Events
Two breakdown products from excess niacin, called 2PY and 4PY, were strongly associated with myocardial infarction, stroke, and other adverse cardiac events in multiple analyses.
21-02-2024 05:04

Why Are Ontario Doctors Leaving Family Medicine?
At a panel discussion held by the Ontario Medical Association, doctors cited administrative burdens and declining pay and called for immediate reforms.
21-02-2024 04:18

Can Gargling With Mouthwash Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes?
Gargling twice daily with chlorhexidine reduced the number of periodontopathic bacteria and resulted in lower A1c levels for some.
21-02-2024 03:51

Eat Earlier and More Often to Prevent Obesity
The timing and frequency of meals throughout the day may be as important for weight management as food quality and quantity.
21-02-2024 03:50

This Could Be a Strong Weapon for Cancer Pain (or Any Pain)
New study on exercise and cancer-related pain adds to mounting evidence that physical activity can help manage pain for a range of conditions.
21-02-2024 03:26

Nocturia: Know All About The Common Urological Symptom That Could Disrupt Sleep
Nocturia affects the sleep of approximately 50 million people in the United States. However, only 10 million people are diagnosed with it.
21-02-2024 03:16

Can't Exercise During The Week? Researchers Say 'Weekend Warrior' Workouts Bring Comparable Weight Loss
The study found that those who concentrate their exercise on one or two days a week can still achieve comparable weight loss to those who exercise regularly, as long as they meet the recommended goals.
21-02-2024 03:08

Balancing Patient Satisfaction With Saying No
Discover the delicate art of saying no while balancing patient satisfaction.
21-02-2024 02:47

Remote Monitoring: Tailoring Treatment for Patients
Over 60 million Americans exchanged health data remotely with providers in 2024, marking a pivotal shift in healthcare.
21-02-2024 02:35

Nemolizumab Being Reviewed for AD, Prurigo Nodularis
For prurigo nodularis, the FDA has granted nemolizumab, a monoclonal antibody designed to inhibit interleukin-31 signaling, priority review. MDedge News
21-02-2024 02:12

Cushing Remission After Surgery May Raise Autoimmune Risk
The findings suggested the need for closer postsurgical monitoring of patients with a family history of autoimmune disease.
21-02-2024 01:40

5 Healthy Lifestyle Habits Could Reduce Risk Of Developing Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Study
The researchers of the latest study evaluated how a combination of 5 healthy habits affected the onset of IBS.
21-02-2024 01:26

Sex Matters in Postprandial Response to Hypoxemia
Data supported differences in triglycerides after a high-fat meal in women with OSA compared with men.
21-02-2024 01:23

AHA: Urgent Need to Reduce Maternal Postpartum CVD Risk
Society panel hopes identifying at-risk women at younger ages will enable prevention through lifestyle changes and timely treatment. MDedge News
21-02-2024 00:35

What Are End-of-Life Doulas?
End-of-life doulas, or “death doulas,” help people nearing death prepare emotionally and spiritually.
20-02-2024 16:43

Health Gains of Exercise Greater in Women?
The same or lower levels of regular exercise were associated with lower risks for all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in women vs men in a large observational study.
20-02-2024 16:41

Why Does My Stomach Growl?
Stomach sounds are a normal part of hunger and digestion. Here’s what’s going on in there and why.
20-02-2024 16:38

Leptin Hormone & Supplements: Do They Work for Obesity & Weight Loss?
WebMD explains what the leptin hormone is, how it affects weight, and whether leptin supplements are safe or effective.
20-02-2024 16:32

Stomach Flu in Kids & Todlers: What To Expect
Stomach flu isn’t really a ‘flu.’ It’s gastroenteritis and can be caused by bacteria, a virus, or a parasite.
20-02-2024 16:21

The Art And Science Of Facial Reconstruction With Dr. Artur Carandell
A distinguished cranio-maxillo-facial surgeon, Dr. Carandell has over 15 years of experience in public hospitals.
20-02-2024 15:40

Innovation At Heart: The Role Of Technology In Advancing US Cardiac Care
In honor of US Heart Month, a look at how technologies like SHL Telemedicine's SmartHeart® have the potential to revolutionize cardiac care in America.
20-02-2024 15:31

Effective Strategies for Parenting a Child with ADHD from Dr. Kyle Daigle's Book
In his book, Dr. Daigle emphasizes the importance of understanding the multifaceted risk factors for early intervention and the support of ADHD.
20-02-2024 15:20

Why Am I Always So Tired?
WebMD explains conditions that might cause you to feel sluggish during the day, such as anemia, thyroid trouble, sleep apnea, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and menopause.
20-02-2024 13:58

Automated External Defibrillators Save Lives, If You Use Them
All airports in the U.S. – and other public places where large groups tend to gather – are required by law to have AEDs. They are often red and kept in a white metal box attached to a wall.
20-02-2024 12:55

Excess Vitamin B3 Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Disease
Taking a B vitamin supplement that contains niacin could put people at an increased risk of heart disease, according to a new study in the journal Nature Medicine.
20-02-2024 12:27

Women Get More Health Benefits From Exercise Than Men
Women who spend the same amount of time on a treadmill, playing pickleball or just taking a brisk walk derive more lifesaving benefits from the exercise than men, according to a large new study
20-02-2024 11:41

FDA Approves Iloprost for Severe Frostbite
Iloprost significantly reduced the risk for amputation resulting from severe frostbite.
20-02-2024 06:55

COVID Vaccines Linked To Slight Increase In Heart And Brain Issues: Large-Scale Study
The researchers cautioned that the study found only associations with adverse health effects and it does not prove that these issues are caused by the vaccines.
20-02-2024 03:43

Can Excess Vitamin B3 Affect Heart Health? Here's What Researchers Say
A recent study found that taking excessive quantities of the essential B vitamin, niacin could raise the risk of heart disease.
20-02-2024 03:29

Bariatric Surgery Yields Significant Cognitive Benefits
Bariatric surgery has long-term health benefits that go beyond weight loss, including improved cognition and brain structure and function, new research indicated.
20-02-2024 02:47

FMC Shares Slide as Analysts Focus on Weaker Patient Volumes Outlook
Fresenius Medical Care's shares fell 5% on Tuesday, despite upbeat quarterly results and higher 2024 guidance, with analysts highlighting a weak outlook for patient volumes...
20-02-2024 02:03

Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer: Is It Being Oversold?
Despite growing enthusiasm for this minimally invasive option for some men with prostate cancer, focal therapy is still not FDA-approved for prostate cancer and comes with high out-of-pocket costs.
20-02-2024 01:56

Women Reap Greater Benefits Than Men With Same Level Of Exercise: Study
Regular exercise reduces the risk of early death or fatal cardiovascular events more significantly for women than men, and women gain greater benefits even with less effort, the study has found.
20-02-2024 00:51

Examining the Global Decline in Fertility
Researchers describe regional differences in the decline in fertility, which has been significant for about 20 years.
20-02-2024 00:32

US Study Uncovers 275 Million Entirely New Genetic Variants
A study that analyzed the genetic code of a quarter of a million U.S. volunteers found more than 275 million entirely new variants that may help explain why some groups are...
19-02-2024 11:03

Europe Faces Loneliness Epidemic Head-On
Loneliness isn't just hurting hearts, it's a threat to our very well-being.
19-02-2024 08:01

Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization for Rectal Tumors?
Chinese investigators have applied a technique long used for liver metastases to rectal cancer, with promising results.
19-02-2024 05:46

Stroke Incidence Higher Among Indigenous People
Incidence of stroke was significantly higher among Indigenous people in affluent countries than their non-Indigenous counterparts.
19-02-2024 05:43

New Marker of Cardiovascular Risk Discovered in T2D
The quantity of dysfunctional monocytes appears to indicate poor cardiovascular prognosis in patients with type 2 diabetes, data suggested.
19-02-2024 05:24

Can a Plant-Based Diet Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk?
An increased intake of healthful plant foods had a greater influence than did a lower intake of non-red meat animal foods in lowering type 2 diabetes risk.
19-02-2024 05:13

No Link Between Habitual Caffeine Use and Migraine
Clinicians have often advised patients with migraine to avoid caffeine, which is seen as a potential headache trigger. This study found no such association.
19-02-2024 04:13

Struggling To Stay Focused? Experts Say Protein-Rich Breakfast Enhances Satiety, Improves Concentration
Struggling to stay focused during the day? Maybe it's time to reconsider your breakfast choices.
19-02-2024 04:04

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape