What's in a Name: Defining Difficult-to-Treat axSpA and PsA
Ongoing efforts aim to differentiate biologically refractory cases from cases with comorbid conditions and social factors that can contribute to treatment nonresponse.
14-06-2024 09:52

Surviving to Thriving: Enhancing QoL in Breast Cancer
The growing number of breast cancer survivors highlights the need for holistic and coordinated survivorship care to help women deal with a myriad of issues.
14-06-2024 08:30

Shift Needed in Research, Treatment, for Aging MS Population
Biologic age is more important than chronological age, and both are more important than disease duration for framing the care of aging patients with multiple sclerosis.
14-06-2024 07:55

Upadacitinib Improves Giant Cell Arteritis in Phase 3 Trial
Results from the SELECT-GCA study showed upadacitinib (Rinvoq) induced significant and sustained remission in people with new-onset or relapsing giant cell arteritis.
14-06-2024 06:43

Anti-Ro/SSA Antibodies Have Potential to Predict ILD in SSc
Anti-Ro/SSA antibodies predicted which patients were at most risk for ILD but not ILD progression or overall disease progression and death.
14-06-2024 06:17

A Monoclonal Antibody Could Help Fight Malaria
Data suggested that the administration of a single dose of a monoclonal antibody to school-aged children could reduce morbidity within this population.
14-06-2024 05:57

Real-World RA Data Find JAK Inhibitor Infection Risk Is Low
The only infection risk in patients with RA that is higher with Janus kinase inhibitors relative to biologics is herpes zoster, according to pooled registry data.
14-06-2024 05:38

Efforts Increase to Prevent Illegal Vapes From Reaching Kids
A new federal effort aims to crack down on illegal e-cigarettes, such as Elf Bar, with the goal of reducing young people’s access to the addictive products.
14-06-2024 05:37

How Can Canadian Doctors Best Care for Francophone Patients?
Physicians who provide an active offer of French language services could improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.
14-06-2024 05:12

Better Sleep Tied to Less Loneliness
Good quality sleep may have a role in driving down rates of loneliness, especially among younger adults.
14-06-2024 04:02

Small Fish Intake Reduces Risk Of All-Cause Mortality, Death From Cancer: Study
A group of researchers from Japan discovered potential life-extending benefits of habitually eating small fish eaten whole, particularly among women.
14-06-2024 03:59

How to Safely Discontinue Multiple Myeloma Maintenance Care
New research suggested that the key to safely discontinuing multiple myeloma maintenance therapy is ruling out residual disease, using the most sensitive test.
14-06-2024 03:39

Solving RLS: Largest Genetic Study to Date May Help
Genetic research from the world's leading RLS experts could lead to new prevention strategies and treatments for the poorly understood disorder.
14-06-2024 03:13

Diet Conditioning Before FMT Improves Outcomes in UC
Patients with UC who received FMT from diet-preconditioned donors, and followed a healthy diet themselves, experienced superior microbial benefits.
14-06-2024 02:12

Are Canada's Safer Supply Programs in Jeopardy?
Politics may override existing and emerging evidence that seems to support the benefits of safer supply programs.
14-06-2024 02:04

Study Elucidates Skin Signs of VEXAS Syndrome
"Although skin involvement occurs in more than 80% of patients, it is pleomorphic and may resemble a variety of other conditions," Dr Edward W. Cowen said.
14-06-2024 02:00

Turning To Junk Food During Stress? Study Says It Increases Anxiety
The study investigated the underlying factors behind the connection between a high-fat diet and anxiety.
14-06-2024 01:50

FDA Expands Repotrectinib Label
The new accelerated approval for the TKI was based on the overall response rate in 48 patients.
13-06-2024 17:17

Docs Applaud Supreme Court Upholding Mifepristone Access
Physician groups and clinicians on social media expressed relief at the Supreme Court decision upholding the broad availability of the abortion drug.
13-06-2024 16:37

Want To Kickstart Your Health Journey? Get Your Cholesterol Checked At Home Today!
To proactively combat abnormal cholesterol, it's essential to have a test. This allows you to detect early signs that may affect your overall health.
13-06-2024 16:29

Employer Coverage for Weight-loss Drugs Rises Sharply, Survey Finds
About one-third of U.S. employer health plans are offering coverage of GLP-1 drugs for both diabetes management and weight loss, up from last year, according to a survey of...
13-06-2024 15:10

Abortion Pill Still Under Legal Threat Despite US Supreme Court Ruling
The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on Thursday keeping the abortion drug mifepristone on the market with no new restrictions ends one chapter of the legal fight over the drug,...
13-06-2024 11:04

Significant Benefit With Liver Transplantation in ACLF
Liver transplantation in patients with ACLF 2 and 3 can improve survival compared with that in those with decompensated cirrhosis, highlighting inadequacies with current organ allocation systems.
13-06-2024 09:14

Ovarian Cancer Risk Doubled by Estrogen-Only HRT
New research found that estrogen alone increases ovarian cancer risk in postmenopausal women with prior hysterectomy, while estrogen and progesterone together do not increase risk. MDedge News
13-06-2024 08:29

Rituximab Tied to Increased Infection Risk in RRMS
The B-cell–depleting treatment rituximab was associated with a twofold increased risk for infection in RRMS, regardless of treatment duration or whether the patient had received other DMTs first.
13-06-2024 08:05

Rise in ED Visits for Suicide Attempts in the United States
Emergency department visits for suicide attempts and intentional self-harm increased significantly in the United States from 2011 to 2020.
13-06-2024 06:55

A Benefit to Add-On Abemaciclib in Advanced Breast Cancer?
Adding abemaciclib to an aromatase inhibitor improved overall survival in HR+/HER2− advanced breast cancer, but the benefit was not statistically significant, according to final trial results.
13-06-2024 06:18

AMA Wrestles With AI But Acts on Prior Auth, Other Concerns
At its annual meeting, the nation's largest doctor's group postpones acting on AI proposals but adopts policies on prior authorization, IVF laws, and drug costs.
13-06-2024 05:44

Menopause and rUTIs: Highlighting Diagnosis Complications
Age-related changes among older women can open up more possibilities for an inaccurate diagnosis and potential inappropriate use of antibiotics.
13-06-2024 05:43

Delivering Low Birth Weight Babies May Heighten Women's Risk Of Dementia
Individuals who give birth to infants weighing less than 5.5 pounds are at a higher risk of experiencing memory and cognitive problems later in life, in contrast to those who deliver infants without low birth weight, a recent study revealed.
13-06-2024 04:39

Sharp Rise in US Pediatric ADHD Diagnoses
A national dataset of children in the United States shows that there were roughly 1 million more ADHD diagnoses in 2022 than in 2016.
13-06-2024 04:36

9/11 First Responders At Elevated Risk Of Early Onset Dementia, Study Says
There is a higher likelihood of developing dementia before reaching the age of 65 in the first responders to the 9/11 site who experienced severe exposure to toxic debris in contrast to minimally exposed responders or those who utilized personal protecti
13-06-2024 03:24

Many Young Adults Who Vaped As Teens Can't Shake the Habit
Vaping rates soared during the pandemic. The FDA banned flavored vape cartridges in 2020 to reduce marketing to minors, but the products are still easy to find. KFF Health News
13-06-2024 02:58

Congenital Pigment Disorders May Need Special Management
Thorough early workup is critical, and management often involves several disciplines and genetic testing.
13-06-2024 02:31

Anti-VEGF a Safe Swap for Laser in Diabetic Retinopathy
Anti-VEGF monotherapy can be an alternative to laser treatment in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy.
13-06-2024 02:07

RA Disease Activity Impacts Severity of Associated ILD
Rheumatoid arthritis disease activity influenced the severity of interstitial lung disease, an associated comorbidity, thereby affecting patients' prognosis, showed study.
13-06-2024 02:02

Reduce TV Watching And Get Off The Couch: Study Reveals Secret To Healthy Aging
Swapping just one hour of daily TV watching for light physical activity at home can improve the odds of reaching a healthy age of 70 or beyond by 8%.
13-06-2024 01:56

AAPA Bids Adieu to Michael Powe, Tireless PA Advocate
After decades of unwavering dedication, Michael Powe steps down from his role at the AAPA. He leaves behind a legacy of significant contributions to the physician assistant profession.
13-06-2024 01:24

PAs See Modest Bump in Compensation
Medscape's 2024 Compensation Report shows an average jump of 6%.
13-06-2024 01:22

Can Chemical Agents and Pollens Induce Food Allergies?
Few studies have been conducted on the potential links between various irritants and food allergies.
13-06-2024 00:38

US Southern Baptists Condemn IVF Procedure
The Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S., on Wednesday voted to condemn the use of in vitro fertilization, signaling the campaign by...
12-06-2024 12:41

Newer Therapies Target Different Melasma Components
Hydroquinone and other gold standards aren't going away, but newer combinations can be effective.
12-06-2024 11:42

Lichen Planopilaris: Prevalence, Treatments in the US
Most patients diagnosed with LPP received at least one type of medication, most commonly intralesional or topical corticosteroids, followed by oral doxycycline and hydroxychloroquine.
12-06-2024 11:00

Early-Life Excess Weight Tied to Subsequent Stroke Risk
Women who had overweight or obesity as teens or young adults had more than a twofold increased risk for stroke before age 55 than their counterparts who were not overweight.
12-06-2024 10:02

Ongoing Efforts to Expand Kidney Donor Pool Seem Mostly Safe
Living donors had a similar risk for hypertension and albuminuria after donation as nondonors, and recipients of kidneys from donors who underwent dialysis did not face higher long-term outcomes.
12-06-2024 08:48

ESOPEC: FLOT Bests CROSS in Resectable Esophageal Cancer
The new findings help settle a long-standing debate and will impact disease management, but local and distant failures remain a challenge.
12-06-2024 08:39

'Dramatic' Phase 2 Results for Survodutide in MASH, Fibrosis
Survodutide, a dual agonist that targets glucagon and glucagon-like peptide 1 receptors, led to a statistically significant improvement in MASH in 83% of study participants.
12-06-2024 07:56

Semaglutide Safe for Diabetics Before Surgery: Study
New research showed patients taking the GLP-1 receptor agonist for diabetes were not at increased risk for postoperative pneumonia or other complications of surgery.
12-06-2024 07:47

Systemic Fluoroquinolones Do Not Increase Eye Risk
The use of systemic fluoroquinolone antibiotics was not associated with an increased risk for retinal disorders.
12-06-2024 07:45

Irisin Shows Potential as Alzheimer's Disease Biomarker
Irisin levels in CSF are significantly lower in patients with Alzheimer’s and positively correlate with amyloid beta, suggesting the hormone could be a disease biomarker. MDedge News
12-06-2024 07:14

Are We Reaching the End for Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals?
The world is waking up to plastic pollution's impact on health as well as the environment, and a global treaty to end it is in the works.
12-06-2024 06:49

Seven EMS Practices Boost Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates
A study showed that seven practices by emergency medical services were linked to higher rates of favorable neurological survival following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
12-06-2024 05:33

How a Mindset Shift Can Transform the Way You Practice
Life-changing insights and reflection — some mundane, some extreme — helped these MDs forge a more meaningful connection with their work and patients.
12-06-2024 05:28

One Patient Changed This Onc's View of Hope. Here's How.
Maintaining hope is essential for patients and oncologists. 'As clinicians, we can always find space to hope with our patients and their families.'
12-06-2024 05:01

Chronic Kidney Disease and Tooth Loss After Menopause
Chronic kidney disease is linked with an increased risk for tooth loss in postmenopausal women.
12-06-2024 04:38

High Levels Of Toxic Cancer-Causing Ethylene Oxide Detected In Louisiana: Report
The researchers found that the air in the industrialized stretch of southeast Louisiana dubbed "cancer alley" has 20 times higher concentrations of carcinogenic ethylene oxide than previously expected.
12-06-2024 03:47

USPSTF May Back Some Osteoporosis Tests, Seeks More Research
The influential US task force appeared likely to largely reiterate recommendations on osteoporosis testing for women, while highlighting the need for more research on this screening for men.
12-06-2024 03:33

New Hope for Amputees: Electric Pain Relief
An investigational device that delivers high-frequency electric nerve blockade significantly reduced postamputation pain in a new study.
12-06-2024 03:30

Ultra-Processed Plant Food Raises Risk Of Heart Diseases, Related Deaths: Study
Researchers discovered that ultra-processed plant-based foods do not offer health benefits and are actually linked to an increased risk of heart disease and heart-related mortality.
12-06-2024 02:34

Myeloma: VRd Plus Isatuximab Improves Outcomes
Adding an anti-CD38 monoclonal antibody to the standard first-line treatment improved outcomes in new, transplant-ineligible multiple myeloma patients in a phase 3 trial analysis. MDedge News
12-06-2024 02:28

Could British Columbia Eliminate Cervical Cancer by 2031?
Moving from cytology to HPV-based screening could speed the process of eliminating cervical cancer in the province, data suggested.
12-06-2024 02:12

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Common Among Latin American Children
The reported prevalence of diabetic ketoacidosis in the region is much higher than in European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Germany.
12-06-2024 02:09

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month: Eliminate Stigma As Expert Unveils Facts And Myths
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a frequently misunderstood mental health condition, often unfairly seen as a sign of weakness.
12-06-2024 01:30

Permanent Makeup Inks May Cause Contact Dermatitis
Some pigments in permanent makeup products may cause allergic contact dermatitis, a study found.
12-06-2024 01:05

US Judge Strikes Down Florida Ban on Gender-affirming Healthcare
A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that parts of Florida's ban of puberty blockers and hormone therapy for transgender children and restrictions on gender-affirming healthcare...
11-06-2024 15:42

FDA OKs Iqirvo, First-in-Class PPAR Treatment for PBC
Iqirvo (elafibranor) is indicated for adults with primary biliary cholangitis who do not respond to or cannot tolerate ursodeoxycholic acid.
11-06-2024 12:13

Experts Focus on Quality-of-Life Data in Prostate Cancer
Several trials presented at ASCO 2024 explored strategies to improve quality of life in patients with prostate cancer.
11-06-2024 09:17

MDs' One-Word Summary of Long COVID Progress: 'Frustration'
Four years in, while some progress has been made, lack of research, funding, and clinics keeps many physicians playing diagnostic and treatment whack-a-mole.
11-06-2024 08:45

These Factors Up Retina Detachment Risk by 16x in Marfan
Longer axial length and presence of residual capsule increase the risk for retinal detachment in children with Marfan syndrome following lens-removal surgery, a new study found.
11-06-2024 06:48

Cases of Kratom-Induced Hyperpigmentation Emerging
Kratom, used like an opioid, widely available online and elsewhere, and increasingly popular, can cause hyperpigmentation most commonly affecting sun-exposed areas of the face and hands.
11-06-2024 06:33

T-DXd Moves Toward First Line for HER2-Low Metastatic BC
T-DXd, a targeted drug, extends progression-free survival by 5 months in patients with HER2-low metastatic breast cancer, outperforming chemotherapy as a first-line treatment. MDedge News
11-06-2024 06:17

Debulking Does Not Improve Survival in Multiorgan Mets CRC
Investigators found that tumor debulking in multiorgan metastatic colorectal cancer will not extend a patient's life.
11-06-2024 05:53

Quitting Anabolic Steroids Can Still Impair Men Afterward
Study finds high rates of depression, anxiety, and diminished sexual function within the first year after stopping that might be amenable to treatment.
11-06-2024 05:25

FDA Approves Expansion of Treatment Area for AK Treatment
Approval was based on a phase 3, open-label study of adults with AKs.
11-06-2024 05:12

What Is Planetary Health Diet? Study Says It May Reduce Premature Death By 30%
Researchers have discovered that adhering to a healthy, sustainable diet, termed the planetary health diet, can help preserve the environment and lower the risk of premature death.
11-06-2024 03:58

Nonanemic Iron Deficiency Underdiagnosed in Women
ID affects about two billion people worldwide, mainly women and children, increasing risk for fatigue, impaired muscular performance, and adverse pregnancy outcomes. MDedge News
11-06-2024 03:24

Seladelpar Shows Clinically Meaningful Improvements in PBC
Two-year, phase 3 data on seladelpar show biochemical and clinical improvements in pruritus and liver injury in PBC, with or without compensated liver cirrhosis.
11-06-2024 03:23

Novel Method Able to Predict if, When, Dementia Will Develop
The novel method can predict dementia with greater than 80% accuracy and up to 9 years before a diagnosis using resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging.
11-06-2024 03:19

Hospitalizations With Seizures, Loss Of Consciousness Linked To Microdosing Chocolate Bars, FDA Warns
FDA has issued a warning after six people were hospitalized across four states following the consumption of Diamond Shruumz-brand's microdosing chocolate bars.
11-06-2024 03:17

Couples-Based Tx for Sleep Apnea Nurtures Happier Relationships
Couples-based therapy called WePAP boosted treatment adherence for sleep apnea, leading to higher relationship satisfaction and lower levels of conflict, a study suggested.
11-06-2024 02:45

The Unknowns Challenge Prostate Cancer Patient Partners
Prostate cancer has a huge impact on men. It's the second most common cancer after skin cancer (an estimated 290,00 cases will be diagnosed in 2024 in the United States).
11-06-2024 01:47

Study Identifies Best Time To Exercise For Reducing Blood Sugar Levels
Researchers have now identified the optimal time to exercise for reducing blood sugar levels in sedentary adults struggling with overweight and obesity.
11-06-2024 01:27

Should Children Be Enrolled in End-of-Life Clinical Studies?
At a recent congress, experts discussed the points that need careful consideration when deciding whether to enroll a child with cancer in an end-of-life trial.
11-06-2024 01:01

Semaglutide Helps Heart Failure 'Regardless of Diuretics'
Patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction have symptomatic and functional improvements with semaglutide across all types, uses, and doses of diuretics, finds the STEP-HFpEF program.
10-06-2024 18:36

Tirzepatide Shows Improvements in MASH Resolution, Fibrosis
Encouraging phase 2 results of tirzepatide in the resolution of MASH and improvement in fibrosis support further investigation into the GIP–GLP-1 receptor agonist for liver disease.
10-06-2024 18:09

Donanemab for Alzheimer's Gets Thumbs Up From FDA Panel
An 11-member advisory panel to the US Food and Drug Administration unanimously endorsed the anti-amyloid donanemab for early Alzheimer's disease.
10-06-2024 17:24

Why This Simple Heart Failure Symptom Is So Easy to Ignore
Patients with bendopnea are rarely tested for it, yet they appear to be twice as likely to die within 2 years of hospital discharge if they have it.
10-06-2024 17:02

Omega-3 Supplements Now Have A Vegan Option; Here's Why You Need To Take Them Daily
Omega-3 is known for cognitive advantages like improving brain development, enhancing mental performance, and lowering the risk of neurodegenerative disorders.
10-06-2024 16:26

.Omega-3 Supplements Now Have A Vegan Option; Here's Why You Need To Take Them Daily
Omega-3 is known for cognitive advantages like improving brain development, enhancing mental performance, and lowering the risk of neurodegenerative disorders.
10-06-2024 16:26

EULAR 2024 Preview: What's Not-to-Miss?
Experts give their top picks and hot tips on data being presented at the upcoming European Congress of Rheumatology taking place on June 12-15 in Vienna, Austria.
10-06-2024 16:26

EULAR 2024 Preview: What's Not to Miss?
Experts give their top picks and hot tips on data being presented at the upcoming European Congress of Rheumatology taking place on June 12-15 in Vienna, Austria.
10-06-2024 16:26

Colorectal Cancer Screening: How to Increase Rates
Targeted outreach and data-driven approaches are key to improving CRC screenings.
10-06-2024 14:15

Does EEG-Guided Anesthesia Prevent Postop Delirium?
Despite a significant reduction in the administration of volatile anesthetics under EEG guidance, cognitive outcomes did not differ, a large randomized controlled trial found.
10-06-2024 11:00

The 'Useless' Appendix Is More Fascinating Than We Thought
It turns out the appendix, as easy to dismiss as it is to remove, may have a vital purpose after all, including protecting us from gastrointestinal and other diseases.
10-06-2024 09:32

Yoga May Augment Medical Therapy in Heart Failure
New data: Yoga therapy may help boost the effect of guideline-directed medical therapy on heart failure outcomes — with caveats.
10-06-2024 08:21

Skip Chemotherapy in Low-Grade Recurring Endometrial Cancer?
Researchers urged treatment with radiation alone for women with local recurrences of endometrial cancer, after finding no benefit and higher toxicities with the addition of chemotherapy.
10-06-2024 08:04

Hospital-Acquired Infection Rates Remain High Post Pandemic
A study across 120 US hospitals showed hospital-acquired gram-negative resistant infections were 13% higher post pandemic than in 2018-2019.
10-06-2024 08:02

GLP-1 Discontinuation Less Common With Endocrinologists
Two new studies reported that a third to almost a half of patients don't take the medications long enough for clinical benefit.
10-06-2024 07:05

New Oral Antibiotic Works Against Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea
A novel, first-in-class oral antibiotic has shown promise as a potential new treatment for gonorrhea resistant to existing drugs.
10-06-2024 06:53

Being Around Kids Raises Seniors' Pneumococcal Risk Sixfold
Regular contact with children, especially preschoolers, appeared to be the biggest pneumococcal infection risk for seniors — and should guide PCV strategies.
10-06-2024 06:36

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape