New Federal Rule Offers Pregnant Docs Support, Time Off Work
Newly updated guidelines for the federal Pregnant Workers Fairness Act could help physicians better balance career and family.
18-04-2024 17:36

Don’t Worry, Gen Z, Your Face Isn’t Aging Faster Than Others
Some members of Generation Z are worried they are aging more quickly, thanks to social media influencers selling products. But skin care experts said the claim is false. Rather, it largely boils down to perception.
18-04-2024 14:16

Changing Entrenched Health Beliefs Is Not Impossible
Some people with deep-rooted beliefs on a wide range of health topics – from COVID vaccination to mental health stigma to foods including genetically modified organisms – could be persuaded to rethink their positions.
18-04-2024 12:11

Ultimate Comfort and Protection: Knowing The Importance of Blister Patches
We explore the significance of blister patches in alleviating discomfort and preventing further irritation caused by footwear among active individuals.
18-04-2024 11:42

Early Evidence Supports Ketogenic Diet for Mental Illness
A pilot study suggests the ketogenic diet may ease symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and reduce weight gain associated with metabolic syndrome.
18-04-2024 11:36

Antipsychotics for Dementia Pose Wide-Ranging Health Risks
Adverse events associated with antipsychotic use in people with dementia are far broader and pose more severe health risks than previously reported.
18-04-2024 09:05

Complete Revasc Not Superior to Culprit-Only PCI After MI
In patients with STEMI and multivessel disease, FFR-guided complete nonculprit revascularization did not reduce events vs culprit lesion-only PCI in the FULL-REVASC trial.
18-04-2024 09:02

Racism Affects Access to Live Donor Kidney Transplant
Racial and ethnic segregation in residential neighborhoods and in those in which transplant centers are located were associated with decreased access to LDKT.
18-04-2024 08:18

Endocrine Disruptors Pose Challenges for Human Health
A wealth of data shows that endocrine-disrupting compounds are a constant, multifaceted, and pervasive health risk.
18-04-2024 08:15

Cancer Stage vs Mortality Endpoints in Screening Trials?
In clinical trials of cancer screening, the incidence of late-stage cancer works as well as cancer-specific mortality as an endpoint for some cancers but not others.
18-04-2024 07:24

Suit Claims ACA Scheme Targeted Low-Income Consumers
A new lawsuit alleged that consumers lost access to their doctors or medications and faced financial costs in the switching scheme. KFF Health News
18-04-2024 06:59

UK Drug Shortages Swell Amid Brexit Supply Woes, Think-tank Data Shows
Drug shortages in the UK more than doubled between 2020 and 2023 with Brexit likely to "significantly weaken" the country's ability to tackle supply chain snags, according...
18-04-2024 06:52

Laser, Light Treatments Effective for PCOS-Related Hirsutism
Laser and light hair treatments, with and without other treatments, improve hirsutism and related psychological measures in women with PCOS.
18-04-2024 06:44

GLP-1s May Increase Post-Endoscopy Aspiration Pneumonia Risk
Although the overall incidence remains low, patients on GLP-1s have a 33% higher chance of aspiration pneumonia after endoscopic procedures, according to a new large population-based study.
18-04-2024 06:24

After COVID, WHO Defines Disease Spread 'through Air'
The World Health Organization and around 500 experts have agreed for the first time what it means for a disease to spread through the air, in a bid to avoid the confusion...
18-04-2024 06:17

Adding ACEI to Chemotherapy Does Not Prevent Cardiotoxicity
The PROACT trial assessing enalapril in patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy showed this approach did not affect cardiac function or the rate of cardiac injury.
18-04-2024 06:15

How Medicare Reimbursement Trends May Affect Breast Surgery
New data showed that Medicare reimbursement for breast cancer surgeries has declined significantly in recent years. MDedge News
18-04-2024 05:27

Hypertension Raises Uterine Fibroid Risk, Blood Pressure Medication Can Help Minimize It: Study
Recent research has identified another risk linked to hypertension in women: an increased likelihood of developing uterine fibroids.
18-04-2024 05:11

Canada Pledges Nearly $4B to Improve Healthcare in Quebec
Quebec has established 25 indicators and targets in its strategic plan, including improvements to family care, surgical backlogs, and mental health services.
18-04-2024 05:07

Novel PCSK9 Inhibitor Reduced LDL by 50%
Lerodalcibep, a third-generation PCSK9 inhibitor, reduced LDL by more than 50% vs placebo in patients with or at a high risk for CVD in the phase 3 LIBerate-HR trial.
18-04-2024 04:53

Make Brains Work Hard At Job: Study Says It Guards Against Memory Issues Later
The study revealed that actively engaging your brain in your profession can lower your risk of experiencing memory and cognitive issues as you age.
18-04-2024 03:41

Shared Telehealth Brings Rheumatology Care to Rural Areas
Patients with rheumatic diseases who live in underserved areas may benefit from virtual visits conducted jointly by rheumatologists and PCPs trained in recognizing and managing these conditions.
18-04-2024 03:38

Childhood Loneliness Predictive of Subsequent Psychosis?
Self-perceived loneliness in childhood is linked to a more than twofold increased risk for subsequent first-episode psychosis.
18-04-2024 03:28

Weekly Laser Treatment Promising for Port-Wine Birthmarks
Once-weekly PDL treatment in infants led to near-total or total clearance of PWB and was well-tolerated in 10 infants, suggesting further investigation of the reduced treatment interval of 1 week.
18-04-2024 02:59

BPH Trial Finds One Approach Clinically Superior
A head-to-head trial of interventions to relieve symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia found an apparent winner.
18-04-2024 02:39

Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy Causes Weight Gain, But Benefits Outweigh: Study
The advantages of quitting outweigh the risks associated with ongoing smoking, such as stillbirths and premature deliveries, the study revealed.
18-04-2024 02:16

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome: How to Diagnose and Treat
A new clinical practice update from AGA covers cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome that is triggered by chronic cannabis use and manifests with GI symptoms. Underdiagnosis remains a challenge. MDedge News
18-04-2024 02:09

Ocular Microbiome May Be Dry Eye Culprit
Researchers are trying to understand what role bacteria play in various eye conditions.
18-04-2024 01:48

Can DNA Tests Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening?
Colorectal cancer screening remains inadequate in France, but DNA tests could enable screening through a simple blood test or stool analysis.
18-04-2024 01:34

FDA Approves Second Ustekinumab Biosimilar
The biosimilar is expected to be marketed in the United States on or after February 21, 2025.
17-04-2024 17:17

Facing My Smoking Triggers
Smoking Triggers: Learn to identify and manage triggers to quit smoking.
17-04-2024 15:52

Get Past Your Fears About Quitting Smoking
Common quit smoking fears are debunked by experts, who offer tips on how to face and overcome worries such as weight gain or becoming stressed out.
17-04-2024 15:51

Surprise Pregnancy: Could It Happen to You?
Almost half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned. Find out how this happens so often, from user error to irregular periods.
17-04-2024 15:14

New and Improved Option for Detecting Neurologic Pathogens?
A new test appears to be better than current options for diagnosing pathogens that cause meningitis, encephalitis, and other neurologic infections.
17-04-2024 12:45

Vaporized Cannabis for Acute Migraine Yields Rapid Relief
In the first randomized controlled trial, vaporized cannabis containing a THC-CBD mix led to rapid and sustained relief of acute migraine.
17-04-2024 11:47

Panel: MRD Tests May Speed Myeloma Tx Approvals
ODAC unanimously backed the use of highly sensitive tests that check for minimal residual disease to speed up drug approvals for multiple myeloma. MDedge News
17-04-2024 10:39

Will Assisted Dying in Europe Impact Living With Dignity?
It could depend on the legal constraints, according to psychiatrists at EPA 2024.
17-04-2024 09:57

Study Evaluates Time of Lung Disease Onset With Rare DM
Rapidly progressive interstitial lung disease was diagnosed in almost half of the patients with MDA5 antibody-positive dermatomyositis.
17-04-2024 09:37

Certain Women May Face Higher Risk for Second Breast Cancer
Young breast cancer survivors with a germline pathogenic variant or who are initially diagnosed with in situ disease have more than a fourfold higher risk for a second primary breast cancer.
17-04-2024 09:19

Microbial Signature of KRAS-Mutated CRC Identified
Researchers analyzed gut microbiota from KRAS-mutated and KRAS wild-type colorectal cancer to assess the link between disruptions in the gut microbiome and KRAS mutations in the disease.
17-04-2024 09:16

Antidepressants Tied to Mortality in T2D, but Cause Unclear
Antidepressant use may be a marker for more severe and unsuccessfully treated depression. Medscape UK
17-04-2024 09:00

Puberty Suppression Works, Despite the Unknowns
Evidence for most outcomes was insufficient or subpar. Medscape News UK
17-04-2024 09:00

A Fascinating Way to Measure Glucose With a Phone's Compass
Researchers have figured a way to use a smartphone's magnetometer to measure sugar and pH levels.
17-04-2024 08:46

Alcohol-Mediated Renal Denervation Promising in Hypertension
Alcohol-mediated renal denervation significantly reduced 24-hour ambulatory systolic blood pressure in uncontrolled hypertension, the sham-controlled TARGET BP I trial showed.
17-04-2024 08:37

Too Little Sleep Raises Health Risks for Teens With T1D
Sleeping for more than 7 hours at night may improve cardiometabolic health in patients with type 1 diabetes, especially teenagers, showed an analysis.
17-04-2024 08:36

Pregnancy Complications Increase Risk for Early Death
The findings show a need for better care of previously pregnant patients, years after giving birth.
17-04-2024 07:59

New Agent Shows Early Promise in Triple-Class Refractory MM
With linvoseltamab and other bispecific antibodies inducing deep and durable responses, there might finally be a go-to option for multiple myeloma patients resistant to mainstay treatments.
17-04-2024 07:53

Exercise Plus Protein Boosts TAVR Outcomes in Frail Patients
A home-based exercise program plus protein supplements was safe for frail older TAVR patients and improved strength, mobility, and balance vs TAVR alone in PERFORM-TAVR.
17-04-2024 07:50

Can AI Contribute to Health Misinformation?
A recent study revealed that protections intended to prevent large language models from generating false information are often inadequate.
17-04-2024 07:20

19 Botched Botox Cases Reported Across 9 States: CDC, FDA Investigate
Officials said that all the incidents involved women who reported sick following the administration of counterfeit Botox injections of AbbVie or those who received injections from unlicensed or untrained individuals in non-healthcare environments.
17-04-2024 05:08

Stress During Adolescence May Up The Risk Of Postpartum Depression In Adulthood: Study
Based on the findings of a rat study, researchers suggest that early life stress could contribute to the worsening of postpartum depression from a pathophysiological standpoint.
17-04-2024 03:48

Junk Food Diet In Teens May Lead To Long-Term Memory Damage: Study
A high-fat, high-sugar diet in teenagers may lead to long-term memory damage, according to the results of a rat study conducted by researchers from the University of Southern California.
17-04-2024 01:58

The Truth About Whole-Body Scans
What to know about whole-body CT scans and DEXA scans for body composition.
16-04-2024 17:15

When to Call a Pediatrician
Your child is sick. Do you know if you should call the pediatrician, or wait? Use this guide to know when to make the call.
16-04-2024 16:44

Your Baby’s Reflux: What to Do
When is spitting up normal, and when is it a problem? Learn signs to watch out for, as a pediatrician and parent who’s been there share their wisdom.
16-04-2024 16:41

How New Ideas Are Changing Advanced Breast Cancer Research
There are many reasons for women who have advanced breast cancer to be hopeful. For starters, the way we treat and study advanced, or metastatic, breast cancer is improving.
16-04-2024 12:01

This Heart Attack Hits Young Women, But Doctors Often Unaware
SCAD accounts for 1 in 3 acute heart events in younger women. Many doctors are not aware it exists.
16-04-2024 11:52

How to Afford Biologics for RA
Strategies for reducing the out-of-pocket cost for RA biologics, getting financial help, and researching viable drug options.
16-04-2024 11:44

When and How to Stop Biologics for RA
What happens when you stop taking a biologic for RA? Learn more about when and how to go off a biologic drug.
16-04-2024 11:43

Should You Try Another Biologic for RA?
Should you try another biologic for RA if the first one isn't working? Find out when it might be time to switch drugs.
16-04-2024 11:42

Biologics for RA: Connecting With Others
Rheumatoid arthritis support groups are great for tips and comfort, but not medical advice. Learn how to get support when you take a biologic for RA.
16-04-2024 11:40

RA and Biologics: Why Time Matters
Biologics for rheumatoid arthritis can take a few months to work their best. Find out when you can expect a biologic drug for RA to start working.
16-04-2024 11:38

Exercise Lowers Heart Disease Risk By Reducing Stress; Depression Patients At Greater Benefits: Study
People with stress-related conditions such as depression reap the most cardiovascular benefits from physical activity, according to the latest study.
16-04-2024 03:33

Hong Kong Reports First Human B Virus Case: Know All About Deadly Infection
The monkey B virus is an extremely rare infection that could lead to severe brain damage or death in humans.
16-04-2024 02:29

Pressure To Lose Weight In Teens Linked To 'Internalized' Weight Stigma Later: Study
People who were bullied, teased, and pressured to lose weight during their teenage years by family and media may develop internalized weight stigma by the age of 31, the study revealed.
16-04-2024 00:48

Dr. Peter Rentrop Shares Medical Technology That Is Revolutionizing The Future Of Heart Health In Cardiology
The world of cardiology is witnessing a remarkable transformation driven by cutting-edge medical technologies, says Dr. Peter Rentrop.
15-04-2024 19:10

Nathan Guerette: A Pioneer in Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery and Academic Excellence
From individualized care to ongoing efforts to integrate innovative techniques, those seeking the best care can expect unparalleled care from Nathan Guerette, MD.
15-04-2024 19:04

How Crohn’s Disease Changed My Routines
Living with Crohn's disease means you need to be flexible in your daily routines. Learn one woman's tricks for living with Crohn's disease.
15-04-2024 17:52

Empowering Moms: Navigating the Choices in Wearable Breast Pump - Efficiently
Breastfeeding mothers now have a reliable ally in technology with wearable breast pumps
15-04-2024 15:05

'Compelling' Results for AI EEG to Predict Stroke Outcomes
Higher seizure burden, defined by an AI algorithm applied to point-of-care EEG recordings, correlates with poorer functional outcomes, new research shows.
15-04-2024 12:18

How to Stop Nighttime Coughing
Nighttime coughs may affect your sleep quality. Learn tips for relief so you can get the rest you need for healing.
15-04-2024 09:57

Survey Highlights Benefits of Pediatric Derm-Rheum Clinics
Pediatric dermatology-rheumatology combined clinics improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.
15-04-2024 08:49

One-Minute Speech Test Could Help Assess Dementia Risk
Analyzing temporal changes in people's speech could be a simple way to detect mild cognitive impairment for further assessment of dementia risk.
15-04-2024 08:44

Low-Fat Vegan Diet May Improve Cardiometabolic Health in T1D
Researchers compared the effects of a low-fat vegan diet with those of a conventional portion-control diet in individuals with type 1 diabetes in a randomized clinical trial.
15-04-2024 08:30

Can a Blood Test Diagnose Depression and Bipolar Disorder?
The test is said to have high sensitivity and specificity but lacks rigorous scientific validation.
15-04-2024 07:52

ALL: Which Life-Saving Tx Is Best?
New treatments like bispecific antibodies and CAR T-cell therapy have helped many patients with relapsed/refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia live longer but which is best? MDedge News
15-04-2024 07:29

TAVI Comparable With SAVR in Lower-Risk Aortic Stenosis
The randomized DEDICATE-DZHK6 trial shows transcatheter aortic valve repair measures up to the surgical approach in patients with low-to-intermediate-risk aortic stenosis.
15-04-2024 06:55

IVUS Bests Angiography to Guide PCI in ACS
In acute coronary syndrome, intravascular ultrasound-guidance of PCI improved clinical outcomes safely and more effectively than angiography alone in the IVUS-ACS trial.
15-04-2024 06:34

More Than 250 Websites Selling Fake Weight-loss Drugs Reported by Anti-counterfeit Firm
The cybersecurity firm BrandShield has taken down more than 250 websites selling fake versions of popular weight-loss and diabetes drugs in the GLP-1 class, the company’s...
15-04-2024 06:26

FDA Approves AI Diagnostic Tool for Early Sepsis Detection
The first-ever AI diagnostic tool for sepsis was granted marketing authorization through the FDA's De Novo pathway.
15-04-2024 06:00

ED-Based Peer Support Program Cuts Opioid Overdose Risks
Emergency department-based peer recovery support is linked to higher adherence to post-discharge medication for opioid use disorder and reduced repeat overdoses, found a study.
15-04-2024 05:51

Abortions in First 12 Weeks Should Be Fully Legalised in Germany, Commission Says
Germany should lift all restrictions on abortion within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy but keep its ban on the procedure after foetal viability, around 22 weeks, a...
15-04-2024 05:19

EU to Start China Probe on Medical Device Procurement, Bloomberg News Reports
The European Union is set to launch an investigation into China's procurement of medical devices to address concerns that Beijing's policies are unfairly favouring domestic...
15-04-2024 05:14

Recently Immunized Febrile Infants Have Low Infection Risk
Febrile infants showed a significantly reduced risk for serious bacterial infections within 24 hours after immunization but still had a persistent risk for urinary tract infections.
15-04-2024 05:10

Monitoring ctDNA Predicts HER2+ Cancer Treatment Response
Tracking a patient's circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) can offer insight into how well-targeted therapies work in the early stages of treatment for HER2-positive cancers. MDedge News
15-04-2024 05:09

Methamphetamine Intoxication May Trigger Suicidal Ideation
Acute methamphetamine intoxication prompted suicidal tendencies in patients presenting to the emergency department, posing a serious public health concern.
15-04-2024 04:44

Single-Dose Zilebesiran Cuts BP Out to 6 Months: KARDIA-2
This phase 2 study supports the potential for combining biannual dosing of zilebesiran with standard-of-care antihypertensives to achieve additive blood pressure reductions.
15-04-2024 03:57

High Seafood Diet Raises Exposure To 'Forever Chemicals': Study
The results showed that shrimp and lobster had the highest concentrations of certain PFAS compounds, with averages ranging as high as 1.74 and 3.30 nanograms per gram of flesh, respectively.
15-04-2024 03:50

What Are Platanus Cough and Thunderstorm Asthma?
Clinicians should learn to recognize and manage two conditions that climate change is making more common.
15-04-2024 03:32

Is Axillary Surgery in Early Breast Cancer on Its Way Out?
Omitting axillary surgery in patients with early breast cancer who had sentinel-node metastases and underwent surgery and radiotherapy did not compromise survival outcomes, new data show.
15-04-2024 02:56

DMARD Taper-to-Discontinuation Approach Increases Flare Risk
In two trials, most patients with RA in remission who tapered csDMARD or TNF inhibitor drugs to withdrawal experienced flares within 3 years.
15-04-2024 02:38

Single Low-Dose Esketamine Injection May Reduce Postpartum Depression In New Mothers: Study
The study found that a single low-dose injection of esketamine given just after childbirth could reduce the risk of postpartum depression in new mothers who experienced prenatal depression.
15-04-2024 02:15

No Link Between COVID-19 Virus And Asthma Risk In Kids, Says Study
Since respiratory viral infections are known to increase asthma risk in young children, researchers of a new study investigated if contracting the SARS-COV-2 virus could bring in a similar outcome, and determined no association exists between the two.
15-04-2024 01:24

Even Women Doctors Find Their Symptoms Aren’t Taken Seriously
Female doctors-turned-patients share their insights about why women’s symptoms are so often dismissed – and how to fix it.
13-04-2024 05:26

Could U.S. Measles Cases Break a Record This Year? What to Know
Within the first 3 months of 2024, the U.S. surpassed the total number of measles cases recorded in all of 2023. Could the nation break a record this year? Here's what to know.
12-04-2024 12:55

Emulsifiers Make Food Appetizing yet Bring Health Dangers
Emulsifiers don’t necessarily equal junk food. Such substances can be found in many foods that are often considered healthy, such as some low-fat Greek yogurts, trail mix bars, or oat milk.
12-04-2024 12:44

Is Europe on the Brink of an Opioid Crisis?
The increasing use of semisynthetic opioids is a cause for concern, researchers say, but mortality related to prescription opioid use is stable in most European countries.
12-04-2024 12:09

ESG More Cost-Effective Long Term Than Semaglutide
Semaglutide is an effective treatment option for weight loss, but its cost-effectiveness over the long term compared with ESG needs to be considered.
12-04-2024 11:00

Exercise May Boost Psychiatric Medication Adherence
Including low- to moderate-intensity physical exercise in a weekly lifestyle intervention could improve medication adherence in persons with severe mental disorders, a trial suggests.
12-04-2024 10:09

Tylenol During Pregnancy Not Linked to Higher Risk of ADHD, Autism
New findings should bring comfort to pregnant people who need pain relief, given that full-dose aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have been shown to pose serious risks to pregnant patients.
12-04-2024 10:08

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape