Cytomegalovirus Shown to Cause Glioblastoma
Results from a recent French study in mice will open the door to new therapeutic approaches, according to the researchers.
12-07-2024 13:44

EMA Warns of Anaphylactic Reactions to MS Drug
Anaphylactic reactions to glatiramer acetate could occur months or even years after treatment, the European Medicines Agency has warned.
12-07-2024 13:19

Be Aware of Aspiration Risk With Anesthesia on GLP-1 RAs
Doctors administering general anesthesia or deep sedation should be alert to the potential risk for aspiration pneumonia due to delayed gastric emptying.
12-07-2024 12:59

Night Owl or Lark? The Answer May Affect Cognition
Individuals who are more active in the evening did better on cognitive tests than did their early-bird peers, but experts urge caution in interpreting the findings.
12-07-2024 12:26

Prescribing Epilepsy Meds in Pregnancy: 'We Can Do Better'
When it comes to caring for women with epilepsy who become pregnant, there is a great deal of room for improvement, experts say.
12-07-2024 12:07

Bacteremia in NICU Linked to Increased Mortality Risk
Hospital-onset bacteremia significantly contributed to infant mortality in the NICU within the first month of birth, a study found.
12-07-2024 08:55

Major Shift in the Clinical Definition of PD Triggers Debate
A proposed major shift from a clinical definition of Parkinson's disease to the one based on biology has triggered debate among experts in the field.
12-07-2024 08:51

Cancer Trends and Screening in First Nations Patients
First Nations communities and Canadian provincial governments are working together to improve screening programs and cancer care.
12-07-2024 08:40

Reducing Kids' Nicotine Exposure: Impact of Switching to Vaping
Children absorb less nicotine from secondhand vapor e-cigarettes than tobacco smoke produced by traditional cigarettes.
12-07-2024 07:16

Are Expectations for Digital Biomarkers Realistic?
Digital technologies are being developed to objectively measure indicators of a disease and treatment response. But will they reach clinical practice?
12-07-2024 06:03

Johns Hopkins Medical School Is Latest to Make Tuition Free
Mike Bloomberg's $1 billion gift will also pay for student living expenses, but students from the wealthiest families still must pay their share.
12-07-2024 05:40

Longer Post-Op Follow-Up Improves Survival in Gastric Cancer
New data suggest improved outcomes with continuing regular follow-up beyond 5 years after gastrectomy in patients with gastric cancer.
12-07-2024 05:35

Sirturo Earns Full FDA Approval for Multidrug-Resistant TB
The FDA converted bedaquiline's accelerated approval to full approval for the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis following positive results of a phase 3 study.
12-07-2024 05:15

Eribulin Effective When Paired With Dual HER2 Blockade in BC
Eribulin is as effective as taxane when used alongside dual HER2 blockade as the initial treatment for HER2-positive, locally advanced, or metastatic breast cancer in women. MDedge News
12-07-2024 04:28

Atrial Fibrillation Linked to Dementia in T2D
New-onset atrial fibrillation is an independent risk factor for all-cause dementia in patients with T2D, who are more prone to both conditions, says UK Biobank data analysis.
12-07-2024 04:07

RECOVER IV Trial of Impella Heart Pump Halted
Positive results from the DanGer Shock trial were expected to alter the course of competing studies of the world's smallest heart pump, and for RECOVER IV, the trial is terminated.
12-07-2024 03:30

Has Doctors' Influence on French Politics Declined?
Many doctors and their organizations spoke out against the far right during the recent elections, but their political clout may be less than is imagined.
12-07-2024 03:22

Lower Edoxaban Dose Reduces Bleeding in Elderly Patients
Dose reductions of edoxaban in patients over 80 years of age with atrial fibrillation produced a lower risk for bleeding.
12-07-2024 02:41

Careful Steroid Tapering May Not Increase SLE Flares
Discontinuation of glucocorticoids in patients with remitted SLE can be flare-free if done slowly over approximately 2 years.
12-07-2024 02:28

Finland Is Offering Farmworkers Bird Flu Shots
As bird flu spreads among dairy cattle in the United States, veterinarians and researchers have taken note of Finland's move to vaccinate farmworkers at risk for infection. KFF Health News
12-07-2024 00:56

What to Ask Your Patients With Somatic Symptom Disorder
Challenging traditional diagnostic approaches, a recent review revealed that one third of all symptoms lacked identifiable somatic causes.
11-07-2024 09:24

Do Culture Results Influence Sepsis Outcomes in ED?
Urine culture-negative patients with bacteremia had the highest rate of ICU admission and representation following discharge and the longest hospital stay, reported a study.
11-07-2024 07:57

Genetics, Lifestyle Can Affect Early Prostate Cancer Deaths
Men at higher genetic risk for prostate cancer have a significantly higher risk for early death from prostate cancer and may benefit from lifestyle-focused prevention strategies.
11-07-2024 07:00

Intercurrent Infections Increase Risk for Lupus Flares
Intercurrent infections may act as potential triggers for disease flares in systemic lupus erythematosus.
11-07-2024 06:30

Wildest Side Gig? Meet the Trauma Surgeon Who's Also a Cop
Chief trauma surgeon Kenji Inaba juggles on-call with on patrol for the LAPD. His community service mission brings medical and personal rewards (and a packed schedule).
11-07-2024 05:57

Medicare Proposes Effective 3% Pay Cut For Docs for 2025
Medicare wants to cut the base rate used to determine physicians' pay, prompting clinician groups to renew calls for Congress to come up with a long-term solution.
11-07-2024 05:27

Concerns Prompt FDA to Seek More Info on Weekly Insulin
Complete response letter to Novo Nordisk requested more information related to the manufacturing process and type 1 diabetes indication.
11-07-2024 04:29

PFS Benefits Seen With Palbociclib + Endocrine Therapy in BC
New research shows that premenopausal patients with HR+, HER2 negative metastatic breast cancer continue to benefit from treatment with CDK4/6 inhibitors and endocrine therapy. MDedge News
11-07-2024 03:57

Does Medicare Enrollment Raise Diabetes Medication Costs?
Enrolling in Medicare at age 65 years increased out-of-pocket costs for type 2 diabetes medications.
11-07-2024 03:20

Life Expectancy After Heart Attack: Study Says Women Lose More Years Compared To Men
The study revealed that after heart attacks, women experience a greater life expectancy loss than men, and the effect was more significant in those with impaired cardiac function after their heart attack.
11-07-2024 03:08

Breakthrough In Osteoporosis: Scientists Discover New Hormone That Builds Stronger Bones
Researchers have discovered a new hormone, a maternal brain hormone (CCN3) that could be a breakthrough in the treatment of osteoporosis.
11-07-2024 02:46

AD in Older Adults: Common, Unique, Challenging to Manage
The research on atopic dermatitis demonstrates that "the age of onset is distributed well throughout the lifespan," said Jonathan Silverberg, MD, PhD, MPH.
11-07-2024 02:45

Diabetes Risk Tied to Night Light in Largest Study to Date
Even dim light at night can increase type 2 diabetes risk about as much as having a family history of the disease, researchers said.
11-07-2024 01:51

Diabetes risk associated with night light in largest study
Even dim light at night can increase type 2 diabetes risk about as much as having a family history of the disease, researchers said.
11-07-2024 01:51

How Aspirin May Lower Risk for Colorectal Cancer
Aspirin has long been known to reduce the incidence and mortality from CRC, but the mechanism remains unclear. A new study suggests aspirin may directly alter the immune response to CRC.
11-07-2024 01:01

US FTC to Sue Drug Middlemen Over Insulin Prices, Source Says
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is planning to sue UnitedHealth, Cigna and CVS Health over their tactics as middlemen in negotiating prices for drugs including insulin, a...
10-07-2024 14:10

FDA Approves Topical Eczema Rx for Ages 6 or Older
Approval was based on results from three phase 3 studies, a phase 2 dose-ranging study, and two phase 1 pharmacokinetic trials.
10-07-2024 12:14

Dupilumab Safe, Effective Over 5 Years in Moderate-Severe AD
Long-term data confirm safety and efficacy of dupilumab treatment, which offered sustained efficacy without any new safety incidents in patients with moderate to severe AD.
10-07-2024 11:00

Hidden Hormone's Key Role in Bone Health
Scientists say they have discovered a hormone that helps keep the bones strong during lactation, a discovery that might aid in the search for new treatments for osteoporosis.
10-07-2024 11:00

Spironolactone May Benefit Women With HS
Spironolactone showed improvement in 20% women of childbearing age with hidradenitis suppurativa in a retrospective study.
10-07-2024 10:13

Sugar Tax Yields Sweet Health Benefits
The soft drinks industry levy, popularly known as the 'sugar tax', was associated with significant reductions in consumption of free sugars from soft drinks. Medscape News UK
10-07-2024 10:11

Review: Dupilumab Benefits Kids With AD and Alopecia Areata
Dupilumab treatment was associated with improved hair growth and reduced severity of atopic dermatitis in a review.
10-07-2024 09:50

Universal Eye Screening Reveals Newborn Ocular Issues
Targeted eye screening can identify ocular pathologies in newborns, including those born prematurely and babies with other risk factors for eye disease.
10-07-2024 09:16

Prenatal Exposure to Air Pollution Ups Cerebral Palsy Risk
Prenatal exposure to fine particulate matter was associated with a 12% higher risk for developing cerebral palsy.
10-07-2024 09:08

Which Behavioural Interventions Best Promote Weight Loss?
A rapid review points to self-monitoring and goal setting, but these may be most effective when combined with other approaches in adults with obesity. Medscape News UK
10-07-2024 09:00

D-Day for Vitamin D Disease-Prevention Guideline?
A new Endocrine Society guideline to limit vitamin D supplementation to daily recommended intake for all but certain at-risk groups and to avoid routine testing raised hackles among Medscape readers.
10-07-2024 08:51

Combat Exposure Increases Chronic Pain in Military Women
The diagnosis of chronic pain was higher among active-duty servicewomen and female civilian dependents during periods of heightened deployment intensity, a new study showed.
10-07-2024 08:20

Do Top Athletes Live Better and Longer Lives?
The National Academy of Medicine recently devoted a day to a conference on medicine and the Olympic and Paralympic games.
10-07-2024 07:33

Ontario Considers Expanding Nurses' Scope of Practice
Nurses' responsibilities have grown in recent years, but some say they remain an untapped resource for improving access to care.
10-07-2024 07:22

Olympic Mindset Tips Tailor-Made for Stressed-Out Physicians
No medals for second place in medicine. Use these mindset techniques from Olympic sports psychologists so you can excel under high stress like a world-class athlete.
10-07-2024 06:58

Study Reports Seizures in 5% Hypoglycemic Patients in the ED
A history of epilepsy was not seen in the approximately 5% hypoglycemic patients who presented with seizures, reported a study.
10-07-2024 06:30

Scientists May Finally Know How to Turn White Fat Into Brown
Research in mice and human cells revealed a biologic pathway to "browning" fat, opening the door to a new class of obesity drugs.
10-07-2024 06:10

Most Patients Stop Using Wegovy, Ozempic for Weight Loss Within Two Years, Analysis Finds
Only one in four U.S. patients prescribed Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy or Ozempic for weight loss were still taking the popular medications two years later, according to an...
10-07-2024 06:03

Ultraprocessed Foods Increase Lupus Risk in Women
The risk for SLE doubled in women with anti–double-stranded DNA antibodies.
10-07-2024 05:44

Tell Me, ChatGPT, Is This a Melanoma?
Researchers recently tested ChatGPT's ability to diagnose melanoma from dermatoscopic images.
10-07-2024 05:40

New ADC Results Mixed in Metastatic Breast Cancer
There are now more options for antibody-drug conjugates in metastatic breast cancer, with new treatments and combinations being explored. MDedge News
10-07-2024 05:28

Delaying Diabetes By 4 Years Reduces Risks Of Death And Complication, Says Study
The researchers suggest that people who have impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) should consider making lifestyle interventions such as diet and exercise to effectively delay the onset of diabetes.
10-07-2024 04:19

Women More At Risk Of Anxiety, Depression Than Men After Surviving Cardiac Arrest: Study
The research team made the findings after examining long-term socioeconomic and mental health outcomes among cardiac arrest survivors.
10-07-2024 03:09

Colorado Confirms Rare Case Of Human Plague: Essential Facts, Safety Tips
Health officials in Colorado have confirmed a rare case of human plague, a potentially life-threatening disease transmitted from infected rodents.
10-07-2024 02:36

Obesity Diagnosis Needs Change, Study Says Fat Distribution More Important Than BMI
The researchers of the latest study put forth a new framework for the diagnosis, staging, and management of obesity in adults that takes into account not just BMI but the way the body fat is distributed.
09-07-2024 04:00

More Than Just Skin And Hair Rejuvenation: Here's Why Having A Reliable Collagen Supplement Matters
Studies on collagen supplements like the NativePath Collagen Peptides show it can help you replace collagen that people usually start losing when they reach 30.
08-07-2024 14:18

Study Identifies Lifestyle Habit Linked To Cognitive Decline In Older Adults
Among lifestyle habits, researchers have now identified the key factor that has the most effect on the cognitive health of the elderly.
08-07-2024 02:25

Air Pollution Affects Life Even Before Conception; Study Says It Cuts IVF Odds
Exposure to fine particulate matter before egg retrieval (oocyte retrieval) in IVF can reduce live birth odds by around 40%.
08-07-2024 01:12

Experts Debate Pros and Cons of Early OAC in Severe Stroke
The pros and cons of early vs late initiation of direct OAC after acute ischemic stroke in the setting of AF for secondary prevention, was the topic of a lively debate at the EAN Congress.
05-07-2024 12:44

EU OKs First-Line Osimertinib+Chemo for EGFR+ Advanced NSCLC
This decision is backed by results of the FLAURA2 trial, highlighting the efficacy of Tagrisso plus chemotherapy in extending progression-free survival over Tagrisso alone.
05-07-2024 11:02

No HIV Infections After Twice-a-Year PrEP
Patients at a high risk for HIV infection who received preexposure prophylactic injections with lenacapavir had 100% efficacy in a phase 3 clinical trial.
05-07-2024 07:23

Specific Antipsychotics Linked to Increased Pneumonia Risk
Specific antipsychotics prescribed in high doses were linked to an increased risk for pneumonia in patients with schizophrenia, new research showed.
05-07-2024 06:21

Can ChatGPT Improve Pancreatic Cancer Synoptic Reports?
GPT-4 provided highly accurate pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma synoptic reports from original reports and outperformed GPT-3.5.
05-07-2024 06:12

Quitting Smoking Boosts Life Expectancy at Any Age
Adults aged 35 and over who continue smoking lose up to 9 years of life expectancy, but quitting can prevent most of this loss.
05-07-2024 06:07

Early LAIs for Schizophrenia Lower Hospital Readmission Risk
Early in-hospital administration of long-acting injectable antipsychotics for schizophrenia is linked to significantly lower readmission rates, new research showed.
05-07-2024 05:50

Keto Diet, Exercise, Effective First-line Tx for Narcolepsy
A ketogenic diet and regular physical exercise appear to be effective first-line treatments for narcolepsy, new research suggested.
05-07-2024 05:10

Most PAs Are Happy With Their Jobs
Physician assistants get the most satisfaction from helping patients and feeling their gratitude.
05-07-2024 03:21

Americans Are Sleeping Less: Chronic Insomnia Affects 1 In 8, Survey Reports
According to the survey report around 12% of adults in the U.S., equivalent to one in eight have been diagnosed with chronic insomnia.
05-07-2024 03:18

Skipping 10 Bacon Slices Weekly Could Save Thousands Of Lives In US: Study
Researchers now reveal that cutting out just 10 slices of bacon each week could significantly reduce thousands of deaths from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and colorectal cancer.
05-07-2024 02:51

Nighttime Workouts Better for Lowering Blood Glucose?
The timing, as well as the amount, of daily physical activity was linked to better glucose control in sedentary adults with overweight or obesity and metabolic dysfunction, a study finds.
05-07-2024 02:23

Rare Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills 3: Know About Highly Fatal Naegleria Fowleri Infection
Three children, including a 5-year-old, have succumbed to an infection from a rare brain-eating amoeba in India in the past two months.
05-07-2024 02:19

French Doctors Have Concerns About the Legislative Elections
The dissolution of the government and call for elections have delayed, and perhaps thwarted, several anticipated health initiatives.
05-07-2024 01:43

OAC, AF, and Recurrent Stroke Risk: New Data
Despite secondary prevention with OAC, the risk for recurrent stroke and mortality is high in patients with AF. However, OAC discontinuation is tied to a doubling of recurrent stroke.
05-07-2024 01:19

Weight Gain From Discontinuing GLP-1s a Concern in Pregnancy
Women are recommended to discontinue the weight loss/type 2 diabetes drugs months before conceiving, but that places them in a rebound mode of weight gain and reversal of glycemic benefits.
05-07-2024 00:30

CIDP Benefits Persist in Efgartigimod Open-Label Extension
FDA-approved efgartigimod represents the first novel, precision mechanism of action in more than 30 years for CIDP.
04-07-2024 08:28

Dupilumab Effective in PPI-Refractory Pediatric EoE
The trial found that a higher-exposure dupilumab regimen improved key secondary endpoints in children.
04-07-2024 07:16

Investigational Treatment Promising for SORD Deficiency
Interim results of the INSPIRE trial showed improved limb function, mobility, pain, and fatigue in patients with SORD deficiency and sustained sorbitol reduction vs placebo.
04-07-2024 06:49

Weight Gain From Discontinuing GLP-1s a Concern in Pregnancy
Women are recommended to discontinue the weight loss/type 2 diabetes drugs months before conceiving, but that places them in a rebound mode of weight gain and reversal of glycemic benefits.
04-07-2024 06:01

Roche to Halt Trial in Latest Setback for Lung Cancer Immunotherapy
Roche will end a lung cancer trial testing its new immunotherapy after the drug did not show a benefit over established treatment Keytruda by Merck & Co, casting further...
04-07-2024 04:07

Facet Joint Inflammation Increases Ankylosis Risk in AxSpA
Inflammation of the facet joints was rare in patients with axSpA, but when it occurred, it raised the risk for incident ankylosis by over threefold at the same spinal site.
04-07-2024 04:03

Difficult-to-Treat RA Resolved in 45% With More Drug Changes
A new study showed that continued treatment modifications made over a 5-year period could help to resolve difficult-to-treat rheumatoid arthritis.
04-07-2024 03:30

FDA Bans Food Additive Found In Sports Drinks, Sodas Citing Safety Concerns
FDA revoked the authorization for the use of brominated vegetable oil, a common food additive used in sports drinks and sodas, citing safety concerns.
04-07-2024 03:20

Stay Healthy In 20s: Inflammation In Young Adulthood May Reduce Cognitive Skills Later
Researchers say it is important to stay healthy and stress-free in your 20s for better cognitive health in midlife.
04-07-2024 03:10

Serious Infections Rare in Infants With Pustules, Vesicles
Study suggests preterm afebrile infants with vesicles and/or pustules may be at high risk for life-threatening infections like HSV infection, needing comprehensive evaluation.
04-07-2024 03:00

Uveitis in Children Linked to Higher Cataract Risk
Children with uveitis had a higher risk of developing cataracts than those without the condition, necessitating close monitoring of cataract development in these patients.
04-07-2024 02:50

Meta-Analysis: Seborrheic Dermatitis Affects 4% Globally
A meta-analysis found that the prevalence of seborrheic dermatitis varies across countries and age groups.
04-07-2024 02:35

Reimagining Obesity Care for PCPs
A large health system has implemented embedded obesity management into its primary care system. Could the approach work for your group?
04-07-2024 02:20

Female Anesthesia Providers Improve Surgical Safety
The association between female providers and complications was more pronounced among veteran clinicians, but the effect did not persist in the postoperative period.
04-07-2024 01:50

Toxic Metals Like Arsenic And Lead Detected In Tampons
This discovery emerged from an analysis of 30 tampons across 14 different brands, during which 16 metals were tested: arsenic, barium, calcium, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, copper, iron, manganese, mercury, nickel, lead, selenium, strontium, vanadium, and
04-07-2024 01:38

ASCO 2024: Treating Myeloma Just Got More Complicated
Expert Dr Manni Mohyuddin discusses several important trials in the field of multiple myeloma presented at the ASCO 2024 annual meeting in Chicago last month. MDedge News
03-07-2024 17:11

Semaglutide Linked to Cause of Vision Loss
Patients taking semaglutide appear to have an increased risk for nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, new research shows.
03-07-2024 12:01

Combo Therapy for CIDP Benefits Despite Clotting Risk
OPTIC trial investigators reported sustained improvements in CIPD with intravenous immunoglobulin plus methylprednisolone after early termination for thromboembolic events.
03-07-2024 10:07

Philips Issues Update on Ventilator Alarm Failure
Urgent recall in April recommended removing patients from devices if an inoperative alarm occurred.
03-07-2024 09:01

Can Using Cannabis Decrease Diabetes Risk?
Cannabis users may have a healthier inflammatory cytokine profile, better insulin sensitivity, and higher levels of physical activity than nonusers.
03-07-2024 08:33

Std Dose or Baby TAM for Breast Cancer Prevention?
Experts debate whether women at high risk for BC should receive tamoxifen at standard 20 mg dose or can get similar preventive benefit, with fewer toxicities, from lower dose.
03-07-2024 08:00

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape