Life Support Withdrawn Too Soon in Severe TBI?
Some patients with severe TBI who died because life support was withdrawn may have survived and recovered at least partial independence, new data suggest.
17-05-2024 15:33

How 'Physician Mortgage Loans' Work for Doctors With Debt
Medical school debt leaves many doctors locked out of homeownership. But this lesser-known mortgage option designed just for physicians might open the door.
17-05-2024 12:31

DOJ Officially Moves to Reclassify Marijuana as Schedule III
The DOJ issued a notice of proposed rulemaking on Thursday, jumpstarting a 60-day public comment period on rescheduling marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III.
17-05-2024 11:41

New Data to Change Practice on BP Control in Acute Stroke
The INTERACT4 trial showed that early reduction of blood pressure is beneficial in patients with hemorrhagic stroke but detrimental in those with ischemic stroke.
17-05-2024 09:45

CDH1 Linked With New Hereditary Breast Cancer Syndrome
Data suggest the value of performing the CDH1 test on women under age 45 years, said a researcher.
17-05-2024 08:39

Why Insulin Resistance Is Higher in Men With Obesity?
In comparing women and men with obesity, researchers proposed that the latter are more insulin resistant due to less efficient inhibition of fat cell lipolysis.
17-05-2024 08:22

Outside the Guidelines: Prostate Cancer Screening Overused
Men in their 70s and 80s report receiving prostate cancer screening, even though guidelines recommend against it. MDedge News
17-05-2024 07:53

Critics Say FDA's Use of Surrogate Markers Falling Short
As the FDA's use of surrogate endpoints in the drug approval process is increasing, researchers are concerned important post-approval or validation studies are lacking.
17-05-2024 07:36

'Practice Changing' Trial Guides Prostate Cancer Therapy
Adding hormone treatment to radiotherapy in low-risk prostate cancer had no significant benefit, but 2 years hormone treatment was superior to 6 months in higher risk tumours. Medscape News UK
17-05-2024 07:36

Millions in Lost Wages for Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors
The economic cost to individuals with traumatic brain injury continues for years post injury, results of a national cohort study showed.
17-05-2024 07:21

What Health Risks Do Microplastics Pose?
Micro- and nanoplastics are potential risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, but studies did not demonstrate a causal relationship between these plastics and disease.
17-05-2024 06:54

New Mental Health Strategy Seeks to Curb Maternal Deaths
The Maternal Mental Health Task Force has recommended creating maternity care centers that could serve as hubs of integrated care and birthing facilities. KFF Health News
17-05-2024 06:31

Genetic Testing Low in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
Most men with mCRPC in the United States do not receive recommended genetic testing for relevant mutations, suggesting efforts are needed to address barriers to testing.
17-05-2024 06:00

Study Finds Link Between Hip Fracture and Dementia Later On
Understanding if sustaining a hip fracture can lead to cognitive decline could help clinicians guide prevention and rehabilitation efforts.
17-05-2024 05:52

Ex-UCLA Doc Awarded $14M in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit
The oncologist claims she was harassed and treated differently than her male peers for years, but her concerns were not taken seriously.
17-05-2024 05:44

Switching Technologies in T1D May Offer Glycemic Benefit
An AID system improved glycemic outcomes in adults with long-standing T1D who struggled to meet their glycemic targets using insulin pumps and CGM.
17-05-2024 05:04

Cellular Therapy for Diabetes: What Progress Has Been Made?
Research into micro-, nano-, and macroencapsulation has led to historic moments, according to an expert endocrinologist.
17-05-2024 04:05

Deep Brain Stimulation an Option for Chronic Low Back Pain?
Early results from a trial of DBS as a potential treatment for chronic low back pain suggest the procedure was effective with no serious adverse events or complications.
17-05-2024 03:55

Mediterranean Diet Lowers Anxiety And Stress In Elderly Adults: Study
The study found that in addition to promoting physical health, the Mediterranean diet could also play a significant role in improving mental wellness.
17-05-2024 03:42

Does Eating Food With Emulsifiers Increase T2D Risk?
Food emulsifiers, a common ingredient in many ultraprocessed foods consumed by millions worldwide, increased the risk for incident type 2 diabetes.
17-05-2024 03:09

Tips for Caring for Patients Via Portals
Experts at the Society of General Internal Medicine meeting offered best practices for clinicians in billing and caring for patients using online portals.
17-05-2024 02:45

Men At Higher Risk Of Diabetic Complications Than Women: Study
Men are at higher risk of developing complications from diabetes than women, regardless of the duration for which they have had type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
17-05-2024 01:54

Crossing State Lines: PA Licensure Compact Coming Soon
Physician Assistant Compacts can enable cross-state practice and help PAs work seamlessly from state to state. They may be coming to your state soon.
17-05-2024 01:48

More Support for Tenecteplase in Ischemic Stroke
The TASTE trial adds to a string of previous trials showing non-inferiority of tenecteplase to alteplase. In addition, an updated meta-analysis suggests tenecteplase is superior.
17-05-2024 01:42

LUTS Associated With Poorer Cognition in Older Adults
Urinary tract symptoms were linked to lower scores on verbal fluency, executive function, and memory. MDedge News
17-05-2024 00:40

FDA Approves Tarlatamab for Extensive-Stage SCLC
Continued approval of the first-in-class bispecific T-cell engager (BiTE) may depend on proof of clinical benefit.
16-05-2024 18:20

No Improvement in OS With Atezolizumab in Relapsing TNBC
Early relapsing disease has again shown the limitations of immunotherapy in triple-negative breast cancer after a trial found no overall survival benefit with the drug.
16-05-2024 17:26

Federal Experts Talk Bird Flu ‘What Ifs’ in WebMD Live Event
WebMD brought together experts from four federal agencies to talk prevention, monitoring, and what the “what ifs” of bird flu might look like.
16-05-2024 16:50

What’s Next in Health Care for Older Adults: Questions and Answers With John Whyte, MD
As WebMD’s chief medical officer, John Whyte, MD, is in a unique position to see both the current state of medical care for America’s older adults and the way things are trending for the future. We asked him to share his insight on a few topics, along wi
16-05-2024 14:29

Get the Care You Need in a COVID-19 World
What to expect at the doctor’s office, hospitals, and long-term care facilities, the future of telemedicine, and how to get the best care during COVID-19.
16-05-2024 13:50

Is Body Fat a Better Measure of Obesity in Midlife Than BMI?
The conventional BMI cutoff for obesity may be better replaced with adiposity measures that accommodate changes in the body fat-to-muscle ratio that changes in the midlife years.
16-05-2024 11:17

Why Do Certain Patients With Pancreatic Cancer Skip Surgery?
Weight loss during preoperative chemotherapy was one factor associated with reduced odds of undergoing surgical resection for pancreatic cancer.
16-05-2024 09:57

New Expert Guidance on Antiseizure Med Use During Pregnancy
New expert guidance to help clinicians manage the treatment of patients with epilepsy during pregnancy has been released.
16-05-2024 09:31

Skin Tags Linked to Metabolic Syndrome in Children
Acrochordons (skin tags) in children and adolescents may serve as a marker for metabolic diseases.
16-05-2024 09:26

Wits of Pediatric Dermatologists Pitted Against ChatGPT
Overall, version 4.0 of the AI tool performed better than version 3.5.
16-05-2024 09:23

Survey Suggests 1 in 8 US Adults May Have Used a GLP-1 Drug
A KFF poll also suggests half of the respondents who had tried these weight loss meds no longer took them, with many reporting difficulties paying for these drugs.
16-05-2024 09:05

Collaboration Tackles Steroid-Induced Adrenal Insufficiency
Best management practice for glucocorticoid-induced adrenal insufficiency has been developed jointly by endocrinologists in Europe and the United States.
16-05-2024 08:46

Lower Protein Intake In Midlife May Increase Mortality Risk
Men who ate less protein in midlife had a greater risk for all-cause mortality as they aged, a new study found. MDedge News
16-05-2024 08:06

Planning To Lose Weight? Here's A Technique Recommended For Men
A simple intervention technique that involves receiving text messages with cash incentives could improve men's chances of losing weight by around four times, a recent study revealed.
16-05-2024 08:03

RSV Infection Raises Risk for Acute Cardiovascular Events
Data raise questions about whether more testing for RSV and more vaccination are needed.
16-05-2024 07:48

Arthroscopy Doesn't Delay Total Knee Replacement in OA
In this secondary analysis, nearly 80% of patients with knee osteoarthritis did not require total knee replacement within 10 years of nonoperative care with or without knee arthroscopic surgery.
16-05-2024 07:39

FDA Broadens Breyanzi's Follicular Lymphoma Indication
The overall response rate to the CAR T therapy was 95.7% in phase 2 testing.
16-05-2024 07:05

French Experts Provide Guidelines for Children's Screen Time
A commission of experts proposed around 30 measures to encourage the proper use of screens by children and to reduce their detrimental impact on health.
16-05-2024 06:50

Lilly's Once-Weekly Insulin Top-Line Results Show Benefit
Phase 3 data for efsitora alfa showed noninferiority to once-daily basal insulins in two studies of people with type 2 diabetes.
16-05-2024 06:45

What Happens After an Impaired Driving Charge?
A doctor's mistake behind the wheel can have lasting consequences, ruining a professional reputation and the right to practice medicine.
16-05-2024 06:35

Push for Safer Hospitals: Improve Violence Reporting
Data on the actual incidence of aggressive and violent incidents against hospital staff could help inform legislative fixes, hospital policies.
16-05-2024 06:16

Protecting Patients From Cybercrime: Advice for Clinicians
Seniors are increasingly targeted in ever-sophisticated online financial cybercrimes, but mental health clinicians can play a key role in protecting their patients.
16-05-2024 05:51

Tranexamic Acid Injection Reduces Bleeding After Mohs
Adverse effects associated with using the antifibrinolytic were rare.
16-05-2024 05:10

Pediatric Surgeons Warn About Swallowable Magnets in Toys
Once swallowed, strong magnets entail risks for intestinal obstruction and the death of the intestinal wall.
16-05-2024 04:48

Personal Shopper: A Savvy Black Entrepreneur Guides You to Eczema-Friendly Clothes, Creams, Cosmetics, and More
A savvy black entrepreneur guides you on an eczema-friendly shopping spree.
16-05-2024 03:54

Infertility Treatment Doubles Risk Of Heart Disease Within Year After Delivery: Study
The increased risk was most pronounced in the month following the delivery, particularly in those patients who experienced dangerously high blood pressure.
16-05-2024 02:14

Blood Pressure Drugs More Than Double Risk Of Bone Fractures In Elderly: Study
The researchers noted that patients with dementia, those with systolic blood pressure above 139, people with diastolic blood pressure above 79, or those with no recent use of blood pressure medication have at least triple the fracture risk.
16-05-2024 01:32

Behind the Spike in Colorectal Cancer Among Young Americans
Colorectal cancer cases increased a whopping 333% among 15- to 19-year-olds and 185% among 20- to 24-year-olds from 1999 to 2020.
15-05-2024 11:59

No Added Weight Loss Benefits Switching Healthy Diets?
Switching from one healthy weight loss diet to another did not overcome the typical weight loss plateau at 6 months in individuals with overweight and obesity.
15-05-2024 09:04

Higher Risk Breast Cancer Screening: Which Test to Use?
Decisions about who can benefit from additional screening and what screening modality is most appropriate are complex.
15-05-2024 08:46

Water Insecurity Raises Health Risks in Vulnerable Patients
More than 6 million households in Mexico had difficulties related to the access, availability, and use of water.
15-05-2024 08:30

How to Build a Support Network for Schizophrenia Care
Schizophrenia caregiver support is essential to avoid burnout. Learn how to build a support network when you're a mental-health caregiver.
15-05-2024 08:20

Helping Someone Stick With Schizophrenia Treatment
Schizophrenia treatment is tricky when your loved one resists it. Learn ways to help someone with schizophrenia stick with their treatment plan.
15-05-2024 08:20

Is It Time to Change Schizophrenia Treatments?
Is it time for a change in your loved one's schizophrenia treatment? Learn the signs caregivers should watch for.
15-05-2024 08:20

How to Talk to Your Loved One's Care Team
If you’re a schizophrenia caregiver, communication with your loved one's doctors is important. Learn how to stay in the loop.
15-05-2024 08:20

Tackling Lean Mass Loss When Weight Loss is Successful
The loss of lean mass has become a hot topic with new anti-obesity drugs, but such changes can occur with most successful weight loss interventions — without meaningful countermeasures.
15-05-2024 08:14

Scientists Await Updates on H5N1 Situation in Canada
Canada has begun virus surveillance among cattle, and preliminary results are expected in the next week.
15-05-2024 07:54

Vacationing Doctors Try to Revive Drowned 3-Year-Old
Married doctors on holiday stumble on an unresponsive boy pulled from a pool and fall back on training: "No medicine, no monitors, nothing but our hands and our breaths."
15-05-2024 07:02

Internet Use Good for Mental Well-Being?
Contrary to previous research suggesting internet use can have a deleterious effect on mental health, a new study of over 2 million individuals showed it can enhance well-being.
15-05-2024 06:47

Setmelanotide Shows Promise in Hypothalamic Obesity
Treatment with setmelanotide, a melanocortin-4 receptor agonist, led to a significant reduction in BMI in a difficult-to-treat population of patients with hypothalamic obesity.
15-05-2024 05:14

Severe Obesity In Childhood Halves Life Expectancy, Weight Loss Brings Back Decades: Study
A child with severe obesity at age 4 has only a life expectancy of 39 if the individual does not lose weight. However, losing weight could add decades back to their lives, the study revealed.
15-05-2024 03:50

HCC Screening of At-Risk Adults Improves Detection, Survival
Hepatocellular carcinoma screening was associated with earlier detection and improved survival, even after accounting for lead-time and length-time biases in a cohort of at-risk adults.
15-05-2024 03:19

C-Section Doubles Risk Of Measles Vaccine Failure; Study Recommends Taking 2 Doses
To have robust protection against measles, children born with C-sections should receive two doses of the vaccination, the study revealed.
15-05-2024 03:09

Peds Clinic Doubles Data Capture by Going Paperless
The goal of the program was to raise the rate of complete data capture at well visits to at least 80% and do this across all languages. MDedge News
15-05-2024 03:03

The Hospital Is an Enemy of Sleep
Noise, light, and nurse visits are among the obstacles to adequate sleep in a setting that is dedicated to recovery and rest.
15-05-2024 02:53

Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Expert Dispels Misconceptions About Sunscreen Use
During this Skin Cancer Awareness Month, an expert dermatologist shares with us facts about sunscreen that will encourage more people to start using it.
15-05-2024 02:05

Testosterone/CVD Risk Debate Revived by New Meta-Analysis
Men with very low testosterone, high luteinizing hormone, or very low estradiol concentrations have higher all-cause mortality, a new review found. MDedge News
15-05-2024 02:03

No Shortage Of Wegovy Weight-loss Drug in Denmark, Novo Nordisk Says
Novo Nordisk does not expect a shortage of its Wegovy weight-loss drug in Denmark despite an earlier warning by the Danish Medicines Agency of strained supply of two...
15-05-2024 01:56

New Clozapine Data Suggest FDA Should Ease Restrictions
The risk for severe neutropenia with clozapine is minimal, suggesting that burdensome FDA-required hematologic monitoring should be relaxed, researchers said.
15-05-2024 01:25

Roche Says FDA Approves HPV Self-test in US
Swiss drugmaker Roche on Wednesday said the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its human papillomavirus (HPV) self-testing kit.
15-05-2024 01:10

Eli Lilly Reaches Settlement With Spa Selling Mounjaro, Zepbound Knockoffs
Eli Lilly has entered into a settlement deal with a medi spa that had sold counterfeit versions of its popular diabetes drug Mounjaro and weight loss treatment Zepbound, the...
14-05-2024 17:58

Is Your Doctor ‘Blue Zones’ Certified?
The American College of Lifestyle Medicine and Blue Zones will soon offer a new clinical certification to physicians and health professionals.
14-05-2024 16:37

Expert Q&A: Alzheimer’s Risk and the APOE4 Gene
If you have two copies of the APOE4 gene, new research suggests that you’re very likely to develop Alzheimer’s. Experts break down the findings and share what you can do to lower your risk.
14-05-2024 16:03

Experts Watching Bird Flu Carefully in Case It Takes Off
The virus variant that is circulating among cattle is not an efficient cause of disease in humans. There may be more concern if H5N1 passes to pigs, because their viral receptors are closer to those in humans.
14-05-2024 14:17

Celiac Disease Diagnosis in Italian Children Rarely Delayed
The delay of celiac disease diagnosis among children is generally low in Italy, regardless of region.
14-05-2024 14:02

Semaglutide CV Benefits Irrespective of Weight Lost?
Semaglutide remains effective for weight loss at 4 years in people with preexisting cardiovascular disease and overweight/obesity but without T2D and provides CV benefits regardless of weight.
14-05-2024 13:28

Pediatrician Credibility Survives Health Misinformation Wave
Despite this rise of health misinformation, pediatricians still believe their patients trust them. MDedge News
14-05-2024 12:19

Improving T2D Deprescribing Discussions With Clinicians
Short videos on discussing deprescribing with clinicians may aid patients who have type 2 diabetes and cognitive impairment and their caregivers, new research indicates.
14-05-2024 10:57

Weight Loss Maintained With Slow Taper of Semaglutide
A digital lifestyle program used in combination with semaglutide from low starting dose shows participants can maintain weight loss after tapering and stopping the drug, irrespective of starting BMI.
14-05-2024 10:43

Inappropriate Rx Use Persists in Older Adults With Dementia
Data from a cross-sectional analysis suggested troubling trends in use of medications by older adults. MDedge News
14-05-2024 10:25

US Study Delves Into Risk Factors for Melasma
Exposure to hormones, hyperpigmenting drugs, and multiparity increased risk for melasma across different racial groups in a US study of a diverse population.
14-05-2024 10:13

Skipping Axillary Lymph Node Dissection in Breast Cancer?
Axillary recurrence was rare among patients who skipped standard axillary lymph node dissection after being downstaged to node-negative disease, a recent analysis found.
14-05-2024 10:10

Bone Quality Key in Mild Autonomous Cortisol Secretion
Small study finds that adrenalectomy improves bone quality but not density in MACS, suggesting that the former is key to the increased fracture risk in the condition.
14-05-2024 09:47

Breast Cancer Rates Skyrocketing in Young Canadian Women
The high incidence of breast cancer in women younger than 40 years may warrant clinical vigilance.
14-05-2024 09:42

Widespread, Long-Held Practice in Dementia Questioned
New research challenges the use of thick liquid diets in hospitalized patients with dementia and dysphagia.
14-05-2024 09:16

Meningitis a Risk Factor for Trigeminal Neuralgia: New Data
Meningitis was among three strong clinical risk factors identified in a nationwide, population-based study.
14-05-2024 09:08

Are Diabetes Drugs Set to Move OA Management Forward?
Researchers are looking to see if GLP-1 receptor agonists, DPP4 inhibitors, and SGLT2 inhibitors have beneficial effects in osteoarthritis.
14-05-2024 09:04

Do Obesity Drug Clinical Trials Reflect the Real World?
Randomised controlled trial participants are more White, female, and leaner than the real-world populations with obesity. Medscape UK
14-05-2024 09:00

Relaxation Therapy Benefits Lactating Mothers and Children
A meta-analysis found increased milk supply, infant weight gain, and modest maternal stress and anxiety reduction. Medscape UK
14-05-2024 09:00

Start Screening at Age 50 for Age-Related Hearing Loss
New clinical guidelines instructed clinicians conduct an audiogram or refer to a clinician who performs the service. MDedge News
14-05-2024 08:16

Stigma to Support: Raising Awareness of Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Doctors who diagnose pelvic organ prolapse agreed that the condition is often off primary care clinicians' radar. MDedge News
14-05-2024 07:58

One Third of ACL Ruptures Heal Naturally; Outcomes Uncertain
Evidence mounts that the anterior cruciate ligament may heal without surgery, but the long-term outcomes are only beginning to be evaluated.
14-05-2024 06:54

Online CBT Addresses Large Mental Healthcare Gap
eCBT reduced stress and symptoms of PTSD among correction workers, who represent a unique patient population who are often reluctant or unable to pursue in-person psychotherapy.
14-05-2024 06:51

Patients Self-Monitoring Hypertension Fare Better
Clinicians could use self-monitoring of blood pressure and medication to help patients.
14-05-2024 06:46

Does Childhood Weight Alter Health Risks in Adults?
Self-perceived weight as a child may influence risks for all-cause mortality and incident cardiovascular disease in adults who are overweight or obese.
14-05-2024 05:59

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape