Long Covid: Study Finds The Best, Easiest Way To Lower Risk
A healthy lifestyle before COVID-19 infection may help prevent the long-term consequences of the disease.
06-02-2023 21:45

Babies Benefit From Whooping Cough Vaccination During Pregnancy: CDC
A CDC study showed evidence that vaccination during pregnancy can help protect infants from whooping cough.
06-02-2023 21:13

Opinions Vary on Surveillance in Older Adults With Prior Adenomas
Decision support tools could help physicians and patients discuss the benefits and harms of ongoing surveillance.
06-02-2023 19:58

Can Your Diet Affect Your Cancer Risk?
Microbes found in different foods can help keep the gut and the entire body healthy.
06-02-2023 19:41

America’s Egg Crisis Sparks Debate On Its Benefits, Risks
Social media is rife with assumptions and claims about the benefits and risks of egg consumption amid its shortage.
06-02-2023 19:35

Paxlovid Side Effects: What You Need To Know About The COVID Antiviral
Paxlovid may be effective against COVID-19, but it is not free of side effects.
06-02-2023 19:25

Cancer Vaccines Exist But They Are Hard To Obtain: Here's Why
Experts have been working on cancer vaccines for some time. And they are already available at present, but there’s a catch.
06-02-2023 19:20

Acute Cardiac Events Common During COVID Hospitalization
Acute cardiac events are common among adults hospitalized for COVID-19 and are associated with more severe outcomes, new results show.
06-02-2023 18:33

Relationships, Good or Bad, Help Keep Blood Glucose on Target
A study finds that glucose levels improved slightly as people transitioned into marriages or domestic partnerships and worsened slightly when they left those relationships.
06-02-2023 18:30

Repetitive TMS Effective for Comorbid Depression, Substance Use
Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation may cut drug craving and symptom severity in patients with comorbid major depressive disorder and substance use disorders, new research suggests.
06-02-2023 17:51

Study Finds No Association With IBD and Isotretinoin
The population-based cohort study, using electronic medical record data, also evaluated the association of inflammatory bowel disease with oral tetracyclines and with acne itself. MDedge News
06-02-2023 16:27

High Serum Klotho Protein Links With Less Osteoporosis
High serum levels of klotho, a protein related to bone mineral density, might be a convenient and reliable way to identify postmenopausal women with a reduced risk for developing osteoporosis. First Look
06-02-2023 16:19

People Don't Lose Their Keys as Much as They Think
Study participants recalled the positions of dozens of objects with good if not perfect accuracy, a finding that expands our understanding of spatial and temporal memory.
06-02-2023 15:48

Disappointing Topline Results for Clazosentan in Aneurysmal SAH
Clazosentan failed to prevent clinical deterioration as a result of delayed cerebral ischemia in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage in the phase 3 REACT trial.
06-02-2023 15:06

No Survival Benefit for Upfront VEGF Inhibitors in Metastatic CRC
In fact, the worst survival outcomes were seen with the most commonly used first-line regimen, FOLFOX chemotherapy plus the VEGF inhibitor bevacizumab.
06-02-2023 14:16

Omit Digital Rectal Exam in Prostate Cancer Surveillance?
The routine use of MRI during active surveillance for prostate cancer obviates the need for another exam that some patients find uncomfortable, an expert panel agreed.
06-02-2023 13:41

More Time Outdoors May Mean Less Need for Medications
Urban dwellers who frequently visit green spaces, such as parks and community gardens, have a lower use of some commonly prescribed medications.
06-02-2023 13:36

California Won't Require COVID Vaccine to Attend Schools
The availability of multiple vaccines has lessened the viruses' effects for many — offering relief to what had been an overwhelmed public health system. Associated Press
06-02-2023 13:30

New Trials in Urologic Cancers: Could Your Patient Benefit?
Perhaps one of your patients could benefit from clinical trials that are currently recruiting patients with urologic cancers, including prostate cancer.
06-02-2023 13:15

A Technicality Could Keep RSV Shots From Kids in Need
The Vaccines for Children program, which buys more than half the pediatric vaccines in the United States, may not cover the RSV shot for babies because it's not technically a vaccine.
06-02-2023 13:13

Race and Geography Tied to Breast Cancer Care Delays
A recent study suggests the need to target high-risk geographic regions and patient groups to ensure timely breast cancer care.
06-02-2023 12:42

Childhood Cancer Survivor Now Works to Help Others Like Her
A cancer survivor as a child, Maggie Rogers now works with the American Cancer Society to help others like her.
06-02-2023 12:41

What Is the Psychological Cost of Performing CPR?
Although most people who perform CPR feel satisfaction about having done their duty, the experience can be emotionally challenging and have consequences for one's family and work life.
06-02-2023 11:39

Nitroglycerin: How An Explosive Became a Cardiac Drug
Alfred Nobel may be famous for inventing dynamite but it was the earlier discovery of nitroglycerin by Ascanio Sobrero that ultimately led to our use of nitrates in cardiovascular medicine.
06-02-2023 11:06

Study Shows Deadly Toll on MDs of Pandemic's Early Wave
The excess physician death rate evaporated once COVID-19 vaccines became widespread, researchers found.
06-02-2023 11:00

Health Misinformation Has Deadly Consequences in Canada
In 2021, misinformation contributed to 198,000 COVID-19 cases and 2800 virus-related deaths in Canada, according to researchers.
06-02-2023 10:23

These Nurses Left Nursing Behind for Careers They Love
Since nursing can be one of the most stressful careers in medicine, it's no wonder many nurses leave for greener career pastures. Here's the intel on what they're doing now.
06-02-2023 10:10

Polypill May Slow Functional, but Not Cognitive, Decline
A polypill that targets vascular risk factors can help slow functional but not cognitive decline compared with placebo in older relatively healthy adults, new research suggests.
06-02-2023 10:07

US House Plans Vote to End Foreign Air Traveler COVID Vaccine Mandate
The US House of Representatives plans to vote next week on a bill that would end a requirement that most foreign air travelers be vaccinated against COVID-19, Majority Leader Steve Scalise said on Friday.
06-02-2023 09:49

Why Lightning Zigzags
A collision of electrons and oxygen creates special oxygen molecules that appear to be the reason why lightning strikes in a zigzag pattern. Quick Take
06-02-2023 09:34

Hospital Can't Sidestep COVID Hazard Pay for Workers, Judge Rules
A private equity-backed hospital in Southern California failed in its bid to strike down a city's mandate to give hazard pay to hospital workers during the pandemic.
06-02-2023 09:15

'Exciting': Off-the-Shelf T-cell Therapy Shows Promise
Posoleucel, an investigational off-the-shelf T-cell therapy, showed promising safety and efficacy for eradicating multiple viruses in patients who had allogeneic stem cell transplant (allo-SCT). MDedge News
06-02-2023 09:07

Low Sex Drive Can Be Treated By Hormone Injections, Study Shows
Kisspeptin is a hormone that stimulates the release of other reproductive hormones in the body.
06-02-2023 05:01

Simple Salt Water Nasal Spray Reduces Snoring And Other Breathing Difficulties In Kids: Study
“Obstructive sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) in children is characterized by snoring and difficulty breathing during sleep. SDB affects at least 12% of otherwise healthy children and is associated with significant morbidity,” researchers wrote in their
06-02-2023 04:56

White, Brown, Pink, Green Noise: What They Mean And How They Affect Sleep
"Brown noise can trigger relaxation through low frequencies and is said to produce a sound that many people find soothing," Steve Adams, a sleep expert at Mattress Online, said.
06-02-2023 04:12

California No Longer Requires COVID-19 Vaccine For Children Attending Schools
The state has ended one of its last major restrictions for the COVID-19 pandemic.
05-02-2023 23:52

Eye Drop Manufacturer Recalls Artificial Tears After Possibly Killing One, Leaving Others Blind
The product that possibly killed one user and left others blind was sold online across the United States.
05-02-2023 21:51

Ozempic Alternatives: 3 Non-Diabetes Drugs That Guarantee Weight Loss
There are other pills that work in burning off excess weight aside from the notorious Ozempic. Here are three of them.
05-02-2023 20:19

Woman Suffers Stroke, Unable To Walk After Neck Adjustment By Chiropractor
“It is a known risk factor for stroke,” a California-based physician said.
05-02-2023 20:03

Intermittent Fasting Linked To Binge Eating, Other Disorders In Shock Study
Researchers found more issues with time-restricted eating, saying followers could develop eating disorders in the long run.
05-02-2023 19:54

Why Patients Are Struggling To Get Their Hands On First Alzheimer’s Drug
Experts say the rollout of the drug is affected by two factors: lack of insurance coverage and a long setup time with health systems.
05-02-2023 19:50

An Action Plan for Cold or Flu + COVID-19
It’s possible to catch COVID-19 and a cold or flu at the same time. Here are tips on how to feel better with a coinfection.
04-02-2023 11:52

Ozempic: 8 Celebrities Speak Out Amid Diabetes Drug’s Alleged Weight Loss Wonders
Here are the celebrities who have spoken out amid the commotion over the diabetes drug Ozempic.
04-02-2023 06:30

World Cancer Day: Half of Cancer Deaths Can Be Prevented
Nearly half of cancer-related deaths are the result of tobacco, alcohol, and ultra-processed foods, and thus preventable; the Union for International Cancer Control is calling on governments to take a stand.
04-02-2023 00:05

Cath Ablation for AF No Less Safe, Effective in Cancer Patients
Freedom from recurrence or reablation and safety outcome were similar at 12 months regardless of whether patients had a recent cancer diagnosis or were on anthracyclines. First Look
03-02-2023 18:19

FDA OKs Sacituzumab Govitecan for HR+ Metastatic Breast Cancer
Investigators reported an overall survival benefit of 3.2 months versus single agent chemotherapy in previously treated patients.
03-02-2023 16:36

Three Wild Health Technologies in (or Close to) Clinical Trials
If you thought AI was remarkable, just wait until you see these.
03-02-2023 16:34

Long-term Depression May Hasten Brain Aging in Midlife
Elevated depressive symptoms are associated with an additional brain age of nearly 3 years, new research suggests. MDedge News
03-02-2023 16:28

As Long-term Care Staffing Crisis Worsens, Who Can Fill the Gaps?
The industry has long relied on immigrants to bolster its ranks, and they’ll be critical to meeting future staffing needs. But as beds fill, policymakers are slow to open new pathways for foreign workers.
03-02-2023 15:18

ChatGPT's AI Could Help Catch Alzheimer's Early
The AI everyone's talking about identified Alzheimer's 80% of the time by analyzing people's speech.
03-02-2023 13:47

Deer Carry COVID Variants No Longer Seen in People
A new study finds the viruses mutated in deer, which suggests variants had likely been circulating in the animals for many months.
03-02-2023 13:08

Three Wild Technologies About to Change Health Care
If you thought AI was remarkable, just wait until you see these.
03-02-2023 12:59

ChatGPT's AI Could Help Catch Alzheimer's Early
The AI everyone's talking about identified Alzheimer's 80% of the time by analyzing people's speech.
03-02-2023 11:24

Bacterial Vaginosis Linked With Persistent HPV Infections
Studies indicate that HPV infections persist in cases of vaginosis, resulting in the appearance of epithelial lesions.
03-02-2023 11:23

Canada Moves to Extend Exclusion of Mental Illness From Assisted Death
Canada's federal government on Thursday introduced a law that would exclude people suffering solely from mental illness from pursuing assisted death for an additional year.
03-02-2023 11:20

Germany Drops to No. 2 WHO Donor Despite New Pledge for $140 Million
Germany will give 130 million euros ($141.87 million) to the World Health Organization this year, its health minister said on Thursday following a meeting with the U.N. health agency's head.
03-02-2023 11:14

Community Gardening Could Boost Your Lifestyle and Your Health
A recent study shows that people who picked up community gardening were able to improve their physical and mental health. Is it time to change our approach, and expand the path to finding a healthy lifestyle that's right for you?
03-02-2023 10:22

Boosters Reduce COVID Deaths in Patients With Multimorbidity
Additional studies are needed for accurate booster-dose timing as new variants emerge, according to researchers.
03-02-2023 10:18

Longer Diabetes Duration Links With Increased Heart Failure
Prospective data from nearly 24,000 people with diabetes showed that longer diabetes duration significantly linked with an increased heart failure incidence.
03-02-2023 10:03

More Data Back Guillain-Barré Risk With Janssen COVID Shot
Observed cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome after receipt of the Janssen shot were two to three times greater than background rates within 3-6 weeks of vaccination, new US surveillance data show.
03-02-2023 09:53

Physicians React: 'Incompetence in Medicine Has No Age Limit'
Can a 100-year-old doctor safely practice medicine? Should older doctors be subject to cognitive testing? Here's what your colleagues are saying.
03-02-2023 09:48

Almonds May Be a Good Diet Option
Almonds might affect appetite during a weight loss diet and may assist with weight management in the long term. Quick Take
03-02-2023 09:04

Prescribing Medication Dosage According To DNA Profile Lowers Side Effects By 30%: Study
“The one-size-fits-all approach for prescribing medication is outdated,” Leiden University Medical Center said in a statement.
03-02-2023 04:57

Mad Cow Disease Found On Farm In Netherlands
“There is a chance that other cattle have also eaten this feed and become infected from it. In that case, measures must be taken to manage risks to food safety and public health,” Agriculture Minister Piet Adema said.
03-02-2023 04:04

Birth Of 16-Pound Infant: Know What Factors Predispose Mothers To Having Giant Babies
For context, the normal weight of newborn babies is typically 7lb 6oz for boys and 7lb 2oz for girls.
03-02-2023 02:40

Most US Adults Want Sale Of Menthol Cigarettes, Tobacco Products Stopped: Survey
More than half of adults in the U.S. support the banning of tobacco products.
02-02-2023 22:45

Green Mediterranean Diet: Why It’s Healthier Than The OG Mediterranean Diet
The green version is said to offer more health benefits, including weight loss.
02-02-2023 21:26

Adult Stem Cells Can Heal Intractable Perianal Crohn's Fistulae
Many patients experienced complete healing within 3 months of a single infusion of mesenchymal stem cells. MDedge News
02-02-2023 20:29

Herbal Combination Tames Active Ulcerative Colitis: Study
Derivatives of an intensely yellow spice and an intensely blue dye combined to resolve active ulcerative colitis in a small, randomized trial. MDedge News
02-02-2023 19:41

Can Cold Weather Trigger A Heart Attack? A Cardiologist Answers
More heart attacks happen during the winter season. A cardiologist has explained why this is so.
02-02-2023 19:38

Diesel Fume Inhalation Impairs Brain Function: Scientists
They found a possible link between impaired cognitive function and brief exposure to diesel exhaust.
02-02-2023 18:51

Scientists Develop Fentanyl Vaccine To Counter Drug Addiction, Prevent Overdose Deaths
The team said this would be a “game changer” in addiction treatment.
02-02-2023 18:47

Accelerated Pacing a Possible Strategy for HF With Preserved EF?
A study challenges the dogma of beta-blockers for HF with preserved ejection fraction. For now, the strategy might only be for HFpEF patients already with pacemakers.
02-02-2023 16:23

The Future of At-Home Testing: Flu, RSV Rapid Tests Are Coming
The FDA says it is confident that at-home rapid tests like those for COVID-19 are forthcoming for the flu and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.
02-02-2023 15:54

Cancer in Dogs: Breed & Size Matter
A new study finds dogs that are bigger, male and purebred may get a diagnosis of cancer earlier in its life compared to other dogs.
02-02-2023 15:47

Pregnancy Complications Could Mean Lifelong Heart Risks for Women
New research suggests major pregnancy complications, such as preeclampsia and preterm birth, should be recognized as lifelong risk factors for women's heart disease.
02-02-2023 15:41

Black Stroke Survivors Less Likely to Get Treated for Complications
A new study finds the color of your skin may determine whether you get follow up care after a stroke.
02-02-2023 15:36

Exercise Halves T2D Risk in Adults With Obesity
"Physical exercise combined with diet restriction has been proven to be effective in prevention of diabetes." MDedge News
02-02-2023 15:36

Caring for Teeth, Gums May Safeguard Aging Brains
Researchers say brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups are vital for brain health.
02-02-2023 15:28

Now Trending on Social Media: Bad Birth Control Info
YouTubers are ditching the pill and pushing more 'natural' contraception methods, putting impressionable young women at risk of unintended pregnancy.
02-02-2023 15:28

Now Trending on Social Media: Bad Birth Control Info
YouTubers are ditching the pill and pushing more “natural” contraception methods, putting impressionable young women at risk of unintended pregnancy.
02-02-2023 14:11

The Future of At-Home Testing: Flu, RSV Rapid Tests Are Coming
The FDA says it is confident that at-home rapid tests like those for COVID-19 are forthcoming for flu and RSV.
02-02-2023 12:47

A Healthy Lifestyle Might Delay Memory Decline in Older Adults
A new study suggests that following a healthy lifestyle is linked to slower memory decline in older adults, even in people with the apolipoprotein E4 (APOE4) gene—one of the strongest known risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.
02-02-2023 11:47

Migraine Associated With Increased Risk Of Preterm Delivery, Preeclampsia: Study
The study found migraine diagnosed pre-pregnancy was associated with adverse outcomes during pregnancy, including preterm delivery, gestational hypertension and preeclampsia.
02-02-2023 05:33

Scientists Create Smart Contact Lens That Measures Intraocular Pressure, Releases Medicine To Treat Glaucoma
In patients with glaucoma, the optic nerve is affected due to the increased IOP because of the blockage of the drainage canal in the eye. The disease reduces peripheral vision.
02-02-2023 03:44

Soon Bacteria Could Be Used As Pills In Place Of Injections
Study explores possibility of using the probiotic bacteria  Lactobacillus reuteri  as a novel oral drug delivery platform to treat rheumatoid arthritis in an animal model.
02-02-2023 02:16

This Arthritis Drug Could Rejuvenate Blood In The Elderly, Delay Aging
The rejuvenating effect of the drug could offer several benefits to older adults.
01-02-2023 23:59

Babies Exposed To TV, Phone Screens For Hours Could Suffer Cognitive Problems Later In Life
Excessive screen time during infancy was linked to lower cognitive skills later in life in a new study.
01-02-2023 21:15

CDC Warns Against Eye Drops That Possibly Killed 1, Left Others Blind
The public health agency said 50 patients in 11 states suffered a bacterial infection resistant to most antibiotics.
01-02-2023 21:09

White People Who Take Sleeping Pills 80% More Likely To Develop Dementia: Study
A startling discovery by scientists could convince frequent sleeping pill users to stop taking the medication.
01-02-2023 21:03

COVID Emergency Orders Ending: What's Next?
It's the end of an era.
01-02-2023 18:19

Two AI Systems Appear Comparable for Small Colorectal Polyps
Two computer-aided diagnostic systems meet guidelines to implement cost-saving strategies of leave-in-situ and resect-and-discard, study reports. MDedge News
01-02-2023 16:01

Even Low-Level Air Pollution Ups Depression, Anxiety Risk
Long-term exposure to multiple air pollutants, even at levels below national air quality standards, is associated with increased risk for depression and anxiety, new research suggests.
01-02-2023 15:32

FIB-4 May Help Select Candidates for Heart Failure Tests
Heart failure and liver stiffness often coexist due to cardio-hepatic interactions. MDedge News
01-02-2023 15:32

COVID Emergency Orders Ending: What’s Next?
The Biden administration announced Monday that it will be ending the twin emergency declarations of COVID-19, marking the switch from COVID-19 “pandemic” to “endemic” status. Here's what to know.
01-02-2023 15:24

Acute Hepatic Porphyrias Not as Rare as Previously Thought
Recent treatment advances have improved the outlook for patients with acute hepatic porphyrias. MDedge News
01-02-2023 14:48

Inflammation and Immunity Troubles Top Long COVID Suspect List
'I think that it's a much more complex picture than just inflammation, or just autoimmunity, or just immune dysregulation,' said Alexander Truong, MD, of Emory University School of Medicine.
01-02-2023 14:21

Bacterial Outbreak Linked to EzriCare Eyedrops: CDC
A bacterial outbreak linked to eyedrops has caused one death and sickened at least 50 people in 11 states, the CDC says.
01-02-2023 14:11

Vitamin D Supplementation Linked to Fewer Suicide Attempts
A large retrospective study of US veterans finds those receiving vitamin D2 or D3 had fewer suicide attempts or episodes of intentional self-harm than matched peers who didn't take the vitamin.
01-02-2023 14:00

Dieters Who Use Scarce Diabetes Drug Ozempic Could Face Side Effects
Side effects from the drug semaglutide can range from nausea and vomiting to premature aging of the face, as well as heart problems.
01-02-2023 13:52

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape