More Mpox Cases Reported In New York, Other States Amid Possible Resurgence
U.S. health officials brace for the possibility of a summer resurgence.
26-05-2023 21:11

COVID-19 Vaccine Fall Overhaul: What You Need To Know
Pharmaceutical companies have a similar plan to move forward with their vaccines after the pandemic ended.
26-05-2023 21:08

Those Who Skipped Updated Booster Have 'Little' Protection Against COVID-19: Report
About 20% of adults in the U.S. got the updated COVID-19 booster.
26-05-2023 21:04

FDA Approves New Drug, Sotagliflozin, for Heart Failure
Sotagliflozin, a novel inhibitor of both SGLT 1 and 2, enters the US market with indications for preventing CV events, especially heart failure hospitalization and acute exacerbations.
26-05-2023 17:22

Overweight in Heterozygous FH Tied to Even Higher CAD Risk
The relatively high rates of overweight and obesity among patients with familial hypercholesterolemia should be addressed to reduce apparent impact on coronary artery disease risk, suggests a UK study.
26-05-2023 17:10

AI Improves Stroke Recognition in Emergency Calls
An artificial intelligence tool outperformed human call handlers in recognizing patients with stroke from calls to the emergency services in a new study.
26-05-2023 16:22

Plant-Based Diet Tied to Healthier Blood Lipid Levels
'If people start eating vegetarian or vegan diets from an early age, the potential for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease caused by blocked arteries is substantial,' says study author.
26-05-2023 12:14

After Tragedy of Stillbirth, She Set Out to Help Others
Every year at least 21,000 babies are stillborn in the United States. That’s about one in every 175 births, according to the CDC. Elizabeth O'Donnell wants to see that number fall.
26-05-2023 12:12

Vulvodynia: A Little-Known and Treatable Condition
Patients who present with this problem should be treated with empathy and referred to a specialist, according to a gynecologist.
26-05-2023 12:07

Can a Saliva Test Predict the Best Way to Manage Obesity?
It sounds like a simple solution to a complicated problem: Find out what kind of obesity you have based on a one-time genetic saliva test to get a better idea of what treatments might work.
26-05-2023 12:05

Mark Cuban's Pharmacy Adds Another Onc Drug: Capecitabine
But will current drug shortages limit the supply of this generic cancer drug and others sold by Cuban's Cost Plus Drug Company?
26-05-2023 11:51

Rapid Cognitive Improvement With Brain Stimulation
Pooled data show evidence for significant and 'immediate' improvement in cognitive function with transcranial alternating current stimulation.
26-05-2023 11:40

Colder Climates Help You Live Longer
Spending time in areas with moderately cold temperatures increases longevity and decreases susceptibility to age-related diseases. Quick Take
26-05-2023 11:21

Healthy Microbiota Emerges as a Strong Ally Against Disease
At a recent conference, researchers shared knowledge about changes in the microorganisms residing in our bodies, as well as about the many common diseases in which these microorganisms are involved.
26-05-2023 11:12

Researchers Discover Brain Abnormalities Linked to SIDS
Babies who died of SIDS had abnormalities in certain brain receptors responsible for waking and restoring breathing.
26-05-2023 10:55

Cornea Donation Rules May Ease for Gay, Bisexual Men
The FDA's decision to eliminate screening based on sexual orientation for blood donation underscores the need to overhaul discriminatory policies for cornea donation, experts say.
26-05-2023 10:53

Cenerimod’s Development Targets Severe SLE Disease Activity
Novel S1P1 receptor modulator cenerimod shows impact on disease activity in lupus, with more pronounced benefits in those with more severe disease. MDedge News
26-05-2023 10:35

Gastroenterologists Among the Top Five Earners: Report
Gastroenterologists made 11% more in 2022 than 2021, and most continue to enjoy their work and would pick gastroenterology again.
26-05-2023 10:25

Music Therapy Helps Motivate Patients With Schizophrenia
In addition to reducing negative symptoms of schizophrenia, music therapy improves sleep and symptoms of depression.
26-05-2023 10:19

How Has Cannabis Legalization Affected Pregnant Mothers?
Emergency department or hospital care for cannabis-related issues has increased and is associated with an increased risk for negative neonatal outcomes such as preterm birth and low birth weight.
26-05-2023 10:08

States Move To Curb Prior Authorization Requirements
Doctors and patients in several states would get some relief from burdensome prior authorization requirements if reform legislation becomes law.
26-05-2023 09:42

Don't Remove Bladder for Localized Muscle-Invasive Cancer
Investigators say bladder-preserving treatment should be offered to all patients, not just poor surgical candidates.
26-05-2023 09:39

Women with Irregular Menstrual Cycles May Face Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Study Warns
The study emphasized the importance of raising awareness about the relationship between menstrual cycles and heart disease.
26-05-2023 05:26

Paxlovid For COVID-19 Still Free After FDA's Full Approval
Pfizer's oral antiviral will remain free for now, according to the drugmaker.
26-05-2023 05:00

What Is Déjà Vécu? Elderly Alzheimer's Patient Experiences Delusions Of Repeating Time And Events
The man had started perceiving malfunctions in his e-book reader and developed the impression that his television was showing the same news on repeat.
26-05-2023 04:32

Biotin Gummies: Factors To Consider Before Buying And Possible Side Effects
Biotin supplements have gained popularity in recent years as the go-to solution for hair, skin, and nail health issues.
26-05-2023 03:54

Diabetes At Younger Age Linked To Higher Risk Of Dementia: Study
Preventing and managing diabetes is the key to reducing the risk of developing dementia later in life, a new study has revealed.
26-05-2023 02:35

What Causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? A Brain Abnormality Could Be A Possible Factor
Researchers say infants who die of SIDS have abnormal serotonin receptors.
26-05-2023 02:08

People Who Exercise Regularly May Have Higher Tolerance For Pain: Study
Physically active people have better tolerance to pain when compared to those who are sedentary, the study has found.
26-05-2023 00:57

FDA Officially Approves First Oral Antiviral For COVID-19 Post-Pandemic
Paxlovid has been approved for the treatment of COVID-19 in adults.
25-05-2023 20:49

New York No Longer Requires Health Workers To Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19
New York health officials will finally end the vaccine mandate for health workers.
25-05-2023 20:40

ChatGPT in Medicine: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown
Three physician experts discuss the enormous potential of ChatGPT and share their concerns about the rapidly evolving technology.
25-05-2023 20:39

Leadless Dual-Chamber Pacemaker Clears Performance Hurdles
It's actually two leadless pacemakers, one atrial and the other ventricular, linked as if in a wireless network, that together maintained true AV synchronous pacing in a short-term study.
25-05-2023 19:41

Can a Saliva Test Predict the Best Way to Manage Obesity?
Mayo Clinic researchers are working on saliva tests that may help figure out the type of obesity a person has and, based on the results, decide what may be the best course of action to treat it.
25-05-2023 16:13

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: How We’re Learning to Treat It More Effectively
In this webinar, Kevin Kalinsky, MD, explained how triple-negative breast cancer is different from other forms of breast cancer.
25-05-2023 13:53

Amid Therapy Waitlists, New AI Coach May Be Quicker Option
Researchers from the University of Illinois Chicago and their colleagues have found that their AI app appears to be useful in treating anxiety and depression.
25-05-2023 12:51

Sciatica Pain Relief Brace vs. Other Treatment Options: Which Works Best?
This article compares the effectiveness of a sciatica pain relief brace against other treatment options to determine the best approach for relief.
25-05-2023 12:06

Poor Posture Increases Tension, Causes Headaches and Migraines
Uncover the relationship between poor posture and increased tension, headaches, and migraines and its detrimental effects of posture on overall health.
25-05-2023 12:05

Frequent Slouching and Hunching May Cause Serious Digestive Problems
Explore the detrimental effects of frequent slouching and hunching on digestive health and the significance of maintaining good posture for overall well-being.
25-05-2023 12:04

HIV: Getting Past the Fear
Knowing your HIV status is critical for staying healthy or getting help if you need it. Learn how you can put fear aside and take steps to protect both your health and that of those you love.
25-05-2023 11:52

Tick-Borne Powassan Virus Can Kill -- How to Protect Yourself
Powassan virus is a rare and untreatable infection transmitted by ticks that can have fatal complications.
25-05-2023 11:34

Exercise Might Boost Your Tolerance for Pain
A new study finds physically active people have greater pain tolerance compared to sedentary people. And, those with higher levels of activity also had higher pain tolerance.
25-05-2023 11:28

Hi-Tech Implant Helps Paralyzed Man Walk More Naturally
The man was paralyzed 11 years ago from a bike accident. He can now walk 100 to 200 meters (up to about 660 feet) at a time, and can stand without using his hands for two or three minutes.
25-05-2023 09:28

World Thyroid Day: Symptoms, Steps To Keep Your Endocrine Gland Healthy
Although thyroid disorders are easily identifiable and treatable, they can lead to serious health issues if left undiagnosed.
25-05-2023 04:49

People Who Receive Heart From COVID-19-Infected Donors At Higher Mortality Risk: Study
The mortality rate of the recipients was 13.8% when they received a heart from an infected donor.
25-05-2023 02:50

Stressful Events May Contribute To Multiple Sclerosis Flares, Worsen Disability: Study
The study suggests that stressful events occurring both in childhood and adulthood can worsen disability in patients.
25-05-2023 01:04

What Is Disease X? Experts Express Concern Over Next Zoonotic Outbreak
The world could soon witness a deadlier pandemic, according to experts.
24-05-2023 20:21

Nope, The CDC Did Not 'Quietly' Recall Janssen Vaccine: Report
A blog post claimed the CDC ordered the U.S. government to destroy the remaining doses.
24-05-2023 20:04

Mouth 'On Fire': Help for the Often Misdiagnosed Condition TMD
There's a type of pain in the mouth and face that includes over 30 types of temporomandibular disorders, called TMDs, and they're hard to diagnose, leaving some patients on a long quest to find relief.
24-05-2023 17:32

Less Invasive Procedure for 'Leaky' Heart Valves Proves Successful
A large study finds the minimally invasive intervention known as TEER (transcatheter edge-to-edge repair) effective for fixing tears in heart valves.
24-05-2023 16:32

Standard Tests May Underestimate Severity of Sleep Apnea in Black Patients
New research suggests current screening methods for sleep apnea may put Black patients at a disadvantage.
24-05-2023 16:31

Do Weight Loss Drugs Like Ozempic Cause Hair Loss?
Experts consider claims that new weight loss medications cause hair loss. They find that hair loss is unlikely and actually more common with bariatric surgery.
24-05-2023 12:25

Who Does Your Doctor Work For?
The corporate takeover of health care and why it matters.
24-05-2023 05:51

Can An Apple A Day Keep Frailty At Bay? Study Shows Flavonols Are Key
Include flavonol-rich food in your diet as you age, researchers say.
24-05-2023 03:35

World Schizophrenia Awareness Day: Common Symptoms, When To Seek Help
World Schizophrenia Awareness Day raises awareness and reduces the stigma associated with the mental health issue that affects more than 20 million people worldwide.
24-05-2023 01:45

High Dose Of Vitamin D May Reduce Psychiatric Symptoms At School Age: Study
A new study has found that taking high doses of vitamin D in early childhood could reduce the chances of developing psychiatric symptoms at school age.
24-05-2023 00:46

New Flu Vaccine Could Put An End To Yearly Flu Shots
Researchers have started working on an experimental flu vaccine that could cover all strains of the virus.
23-05-2023 19:28

COVID-19 Will Become Endemic In The US This Year, Expert Predicts
Americans could soon breathe a maskless sigh of relief from COVID-19.
23-05-2023 19:20

HIV Stress and Side Effects: What to Know
An HIV diagnosis will change your life. It brings with it both physical symptoms and emotional stress. But there are things you can do to take charge of your condition, manage your symptoms, and thrive.
23-05-2023 17:30

Aging With HIV
With new treatment and a better understanding of HIV, many people are living longer, healthier lives with the virus. Almost half of all HIV-positive people in the United States are older than 50. Find out why people are living longer and how to control c
23-05-2023 16:54

HIV: Managing Setbacks
HIV setbacks can be difficult to figure out. Sticking to treatment, navigating relationships, and maintaining your overall health can be overwhelming at times. Find out ways to cope with emotions and manage your well-being with HIV.
23-05-2023 16:25

What I Want You to Know About Living With HIV
Learn what people who are HIV-positive want you to know about the realities of living with the virus.
23-05-2023 16:18

Donor Hearts From Patients With COVID Tied to Lower Survival
Heart transplantation centers need to thoroughly evaluate and continue to weigh the risks and benefits of using hearts from active COVID-19 donors because they may offer worse outcomes for the recipients, researchers say.
23-05-2023 15:34

Childhood ADHD Feelings Chart
A feelings chart might help your child with ADHD tell you what they’re feeling and why, and that could be a first step toward better behavior.
23-05-2023 13:30

FDA Approves New Nasal Spray to Reverse Overdoses
The FDA has approved a second nasal spray for reversing an opioid overdose.
23-05-2023 13:28

Things Parents of Kids With ADHD Wish You Knew
Millions of children have ADHD, but faulty ideas about the disorder are widespread. Here’s what some parents of kids with ADHD want you to know.
23-05-2023 13:26

ADHD in Children: Focus on the Positives
Can your child use certain ADHD traits to their advantage? Find out how focusing on the positives can help kids with ADHD build confidence and overcome obstacles.
23-05-2023 13:22

ADHD and Your Child’s Self-Esteem
When your child has ADHD, constant criticism and negative feedback on their behavior can lead to low self-esteem. But there are things parents can do to boost it.
23-05-2023 13:17

PTSD, Other Mental Health Ills Haunt Gunshot Survivors
A new study finds the trauma gunshot survivors experience can get worse as time goes by.
23-05-2023 13:16

The Weird World of Hydrogels: How They’ll Change Health Care
It’s a liquid, it’s a solid – no, it’s hydrogel! And it’s poised to transform everything from dentistry to brain implants.
23-05-2023 12:52

Neurodiversity: What Is It?
There’s a growing push to focus on our brain differences, not deficits. This wider view of "normal" is a big part of something called neurodiversity.
23-05-2023 12:00

Big Emotions After an Adult ADHD Diagnosis
From confusion to grief to relief, three women with ADHD talk about how they felt when they got diagnosed, and they share how they took charge of their lives.
23-05-2023 11:58

What Happens When You Stop Your ADHD Meds?
Before you try going off your ADHD meds, talk to your doctor and learn what you should expect.
23-05-2023 11:51

Adult ADHD: Finding The Right Therapy
With the right therapeutic approach, you can grow the skills you need to thrive with ADHD. Find out how to make the right choices for you.
23-05-2023 11:49

What Happens When You Stop Your ADHD Meds
Some people decide not to take medications for ADHD. Learn about some of the strategies that work for them.
23-05-2023 11:46

ADHD in Young Adults
Signs of ADHD usually start to show in early childhood and continue into adulthood. But sometimes ADHD isn’t caught or diagnosed until someone is a young adult. The symptoms of adult ADHD might not be as obvious as those in children, but they’re similar.
23-05-2023 11:43

COVID-19 Infection Increases Incidence Of Type-1 Diabetes In Children: Study
The new study has established a temporal link between the development of type-1 diabetes in children and infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
23-05-2023 02:43

Power Up Your Quads: Study Says Leg Strength Lowers Risk Of Heart Failure
A new study says powerful legs can save a person from heart failure after myocardial infarction.
23-05-2023 00:41

Losing Weight May Bolster AF Ablation's Chances for Success
'We're talking about a moderate amount,' said a researcher when discussing how much weight loss before ablation of atrial fibrillation may improve the procedure's chances for success.
22-05-2023 20:40

The End Of Pandemic Is Not The End Of COVID-19, WHO Chief Warns
New surges caused by new coronavirus variants are expected.
22-05-2023 19:39

What Pfizer, Moderna Plan To Do Next With Their COVID-19 Vaccines
The pharmaceutical companies said their work is far from over.
22-05-2023 19:24

Mindfulness Improves Life Quality in Patients With AD
Patients with atopic dermatitis do better after taking part in online mindfulness and self-compassion training, researchers in Japan report.
22-05-2023 19:02

Harmful Emotional Hit of Antidepressants Underappreciated
Patients taking antidepressants, especially those that act on the serotonin system, often report feeling emotionally flat although they may feel less depressed, new research shows.
22-05-2023 18:53

Swallowed Razors, Magnets, and More: New Advice for Doctors
Two new studies suggest that even when a person swallows something as potentially harmful as a razor blade or a magnet, a doctor's best course of action may be to let nature takes it course.
22-05-2023 17:26

Say Goodbye to Acne Woes: 7 Must-Try Korean Skincare Brands for Acne-Prone Skin
Discover seven must-try Korean skincare brands renowned for their effective products tailored for acne-prone skin. Bid farewell to acne woes and explore gentle cleansers, powerful spot treatments, and more to achieve a clearer, healthier complexion.
22-05-2023 16:43

FDA Okays Treatment for Dry Eye Disease
Patients with evaporative dry eye disease will soon have a new treatment option targeting excessive tear evaporation.
22-05-2023 16:42

Once-Daily Nifedipine Sufficient for Pregnancy Hypertension
A single 30-mg daily dose of nifedipine appeared similarly effective as 60 mg taken in two daily doses for treating hypertensive disorders in pregnancy, a new study found. MDedge News
22-05-2023 16:22

Eating Disorder Apps Fall Short When It Comes to Privacy
Few apps dedicated to eating disorders meet national privacy standards, and many may not provide adequate support to patients.
22-05-2023 15:57

Researchers Make Headway to Reduce AxSpA Diagnostic Delay
A pilot study finds longer delays (more than 4 years) were associated with history of uveitis, ankylosing spondylitis at diagnosis, and being in the most vulnerable socioeconomic group. MDedge News
22-05-2023 15:56

Pregnant Patients Not Properly Screened for Thyroid Disease
Less than half of the pregnant patients who met the criteria for thyroid screening were screened by their clinician, according to a retrospective cohort study. MDedge News
22-05-2023 15:49

Swallowed Razors, Magnets, and More: New Advice for Doctors
Two new studies suggest that even when a person swallows something as potentially harmful as a razor blade or a magnet, a doctor's best course of action may be to let nature takes it course.
22-05-2023 15:36

Dietary Fiber Cut Gestational Diabetes, Preterm Birth
A fiber supplement during pregnancy in high-risk women cut the incidence of gestational diabetes and preterm delivery in a single-center randomized study with 295 women. First Look
22-05-2023 15:33

Colon Cancer Risk Quadruples Within Year of Appendicitis
The investigators say acute appendicitis is likely an early warning sign for colon cancer, not a cause of it. The study covered was published as a preprint and has not yet been peer reviewed. First Look
22-05-2023 15:07

Envision Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Plans Layoffs
The massive physician staffing company has faced numerous pressures, including doctor shortages, pandemic-driven patient volume declines, inflation, and federal and state balance billing laws.
22-05-2023 14:28

New Moms Breastfed Longer During Pandemic
New research shows new moms tended to breastfeed their babies about two weeks longer than usual during the shelter-in-place period early in the COVID pandemic.
22-05-2023 14:04

Severe Asthma and Lung Cancer: What’s the Link?
Cutting-edge research is highlighting the link between heavily symptomatic asthma and lung cancer. Here's what to know.
22-05-2023 13:53

FDA Approves Autoinjector Pen for Humira Biosimilar, Cyltezo
The drug will be commercially available on July 1, 2023.
22-05-2023 13:43

Scheduled Bleeding Boosts Tolerability of Hormone Implants
After taking norethindrone acetate for 1 week every 4 weeks, 80% of participants reported satisfactory bleeding patterns with etonogestrel implants in a new study.
22-05-2023 13:01

Which Interventions Could Lessen the Burden of Dementia?
A team from the University of Bordeaux in France modeled the impact of interventions targeting three main vascular risk factors for dementia.
22-05-2023 12:15

Sublingual Immunotherapy Stops Onset and Worsening of Asthma
The French EfficAPSI study confirmed that sublingual liquid immunotherapy or "desensitization" reduces the risks for asthma onset and the worsening of asthma in patients with allergic rhinitis.
22-05-2023 11:26

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape