Dermatologist Arrested for Allegedly Poisoning Husband
"The victim sustained significant internal injuries but is expected to recover," according to the Irvine, California police department.
10-08-2022 18:10

New Practice Guidance Addresses Drug-Induced Liver Injury
Dozens of guidance statements provide information on the diagnosis, treatment, and patient management of drug-induced liver injury.
10-08-2022 17:07

Long COVID's Grip Will Likely Tighten as Infections Continue
Experts are worried about a second wave of illnesses from long COVID, a condition that already has affected between 7.7 million and 23 million Americans.
10-08-2022 17:05

Removal of Small, Asymptomatic Kidney Stones Reduces Relapse
'Elective removal [of 'silent' stones] may allow these patients to avoid pain and trauma, inefficient and costly emergency department visits,' and more, says an expert commenting on a randomized trial.
10-08-2022 17:03

Extreme Temperatures Can Reduce the Efficacy of Drug Therapy
High temperatures can affect drug stability and change the way the body absorbs and excretes active ingredients.
10-08-2022 16:35

Biden Now Has Cough, but Not COVID
Biden coughed several times during a speech on the South Lawn of the White House on Tuesday, which made him stop a few times and turn his head or sip water.
10-08-2022 16:28

Regular Fasting Linked to Less Severe COVID: Study
The study was done on men and women in Utah who were, on average, in their 60s and got COVID before vaccines were available.
10-08-2022 15:56

Consider Pulmonary Complications in Adult Cystic Fibrosis
Changes in the epidemiology of cystic fibrosis have implications for adult patient care.
10-08-2022 15:50

A Beer a Day May Boost Your Gut Microbiome
Drinking one can of alcoholic or nonalcoholic lager a day improved gut microbiome diversity in healthy men, Portuguese researchers report. Does that mean beer is good for you?
10-08-2022 15:32

Low-Level Light Therapy Cap Shows Subtle Effects on Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia
Low-level light therapy cap approved to treat androgenetic alopecia shows subtle changes in some central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia patients, a small clinical study reports.
10-08-2022 15:25

Regular Fasting Linked to Less Severe COVID: Study
Intermittent fasting was not linked with a smaller chance of getting COVID-19, but it was linked with getting a less severe infection, according to the findings of a new study.
10-08-2022 15:02

US to Buy IV Drug to Help With Monkeypox Outbreak
The IV version is an 'important option' for patients who can't swallow the pill, the company said, particularly since monkeypox can cause rashes and blisters in the mouth.
10-08-2022 14:27

Rapper Fat Joe: No One Is Making Sure Hospitals Post Their Prices
"Nobody's enforcing that law," Joe alleges in the foreboding commercial, which began running on television and social media in April and is still airing.
10-08-2022 14:10

Long COVID’s Grip Will Likely Tighten as Infections Continue
Experts are worried about a second wave of illnesses from long COVID, a condition that already has affected between 7.7 million and 23 million Americans, according to U.S. government estimates.
10-08-2022 14:06

Can Folic Acid Halt Gastric Precancerous Conditions?
A meta-analysis suggests folic acid supplementation can halt or even reverse progression of gastric precancerous conditions.
10-08-2022 13:48

Pandemic Tamped Down Lice and Scabies Cases in North Carolina
While the study evaluated cases in one state, the results offer preliminary insights on the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on scabies and lice, the authors point out. MDedge News
10-08-2022 13:47

Sugemalimab Offers Another Option in Unresectable NSCLC
A new immunotherapy from China may offer another option for post-chemoradiotherapy treatment in patients with unresectable with stage III non-small cell lung cancer.
10-08-2022 13:45

Vit D in Pregnancy May Protect Breastfeeding Infants From Eczema
Mothers who take vitamin D during pregnancy and who breastfeed for 1 month or longer may reduce chances atopic eczema in their child, at least in the first year, researchers in the UK report.
10-08-2022 13:25

PTSD a Parkinson's Disease Risk Factor in Men?
The risk for Parkinson's is highest in men diagnosed with PTSD later in life, suggesting that PTSD in older men may be a prodromal symptom of Parkinson's.
10-08-2022 12:43

Funding of Cosmetic Trials Affects Racial/Ethnic Disparity
A literature review of cosmetic studies came up with some contradictory conclusions about representation of individuals of nonwhite race/ethnicity, which were tied to the funding sources. MDedge News
10-08-2022 12:06

PFAS 'Forever Chemicals' Are Linked With Liver Cancer
A new study indicates the chemical perfluooctane sulfate (PFOS), which is used in numerous consumer and industrial products, has been linked to the most common type of liver cancer.
10-08-2022 11:45

Physicians React: Mistakes and Successes in Building Wealth
Medscape's Physician Wealth & Debt Report 2022 looked at physicians' finances in detail. Here are some stories that respondents and readers shared about monetary successes, failures, and lessons learned.
10-08-2022 11:16

Children and COVID: Severe Illness Rising as Vaccinations Stall
The proportion of ED visits with diagnosed COVID rose steadily throughout June and July. MDedge News
10-08-2022 11:14

Weight Loss Surgery Has a Big Effect on Marriage
Kristal's weight loss wasn't the only problem, but she and her ex-husband believe it was the beginning of the end.
10-08-2022 10:57

Doc Loses License Over 'Poor' Cancer Care, but Fights Back
Canadian physician Akbar Khan, MD, has been stripped of his license to practice medicine for providing questionable care to cancer patients, but he is fighting back by filing criminal charges.
10-08-2022 10:45

Meet a Champion Climber With Type 1 Diabetes
'When I was told that I could keep competing, a switch flipped for me and I made a decision that nothing would hold me back. '
10-08-2022 10:45

More Evidence Salt Substitutes Lower Risk of CVD and Death
The blood pressure–lowering effects of dietary salt substitutes have a clear protective effect on hard clinical outcomes, leading to a reduction in heart attack, stroke, and death, a meta-analysis shows.
10-08-2022 10:40

Monkeypox Vaccine Supply Stretched by Giving Smaller Doses
The FDA said that instead of a standard  subcutaneous injection, the new regimen will be given just under the skin (intradermally) at one-fifth the usual dose.
10-08-2022 09:19

Monkeypox: How At Risk Are Kids Amid Outbreak?
Despite the ongoing outbreak, a health expert has stated that the risk level of children for monkeypox is still "exceedingly low."
10-08-2022 06:45

Man Loses Ability To Walk After Excessive Vitamin B6 Intake: Report
A man living in Australia reportedly lost his ability to walk after taking excessive vitamin B6 supplements.
10-08-2022 06:30

Self-Employment Linked To Better Heart Health In Women: Study
The Body Mass Index (BMI) of self-employed women was also 1.79 units lower on average compared to the women who work for wages, the researchers noted.
10-08-2022 05:31

New Flavored Nicotine Products Second Most Used By US Teens, Survey Finds
Exposure to these products may disrupt learning, memory and attention, leading to nicotine addiction.
10-08-2022 05:29

Can The Monkeypox Virus Spread On Clothing, Grocery Items?
Health experts said the risk of catching monkeypox by touching objects and surfaces used by an infected individual is low.
10-08-2022 02:08

Here Are The First Monkeypox Symptoms That Appear During Infection
Bumps and blisters are not the first symptoms people see once they contract the virus.
10-08-2022 00:43

Weight Loss Surgery Has a Big Effect on Marriage
People who have bariatric surgery double their chances of marriage or divorce. The study looked at data from 1,441 bariatric surgery patients and found that never-married patients were over 50% more likely to get married, and married patients were more t
09-08-2022 13:24

Meet a Champion Climber with Type 1 Diabetes
Managing type 1 diabetes is never easy. But if you ask 16-year-old climbing star Katie Bone, she’ll tell you that she will never let this disease get in the way of her goals.
09-08-2022 13:04

Noses Might Be Kids' Secret Weapon Against COVID
Researchers have found that the linings of kids' noses are better able than those of adults to guard against SARS-CoV-2 infection.
09-08-2022 12:06

Here's Why Violent Video Games Are So Popular, According To A Study
These games tap into human desires by providing a sense of autonomy, social cohesion and competency, which are all motivators for behavior.
09-08-2022 05:34

Pfizer Preps Major Lyme Disease Vaccine Trial
The pharmaceutical company has partnered with French biotech company Valneva for the trial.
09-08-2022 04:53

How The US Plans To Address Monkeypox Vaccine Shortage
Amid the monkeypox vaccine shortage, the FDA is considering dose-sparing to help stretch the limited supply.
09-08-2022 02:15

Early LV Recovery After TAVR Tied to 5-Year Mortality
A new study found that the relationship between early LV recovery after TAVR and improved mortality was robust and durable, with surprising differences between the sexes.
08-08-2022 18:13

Keeping Your Laundry Free From Monkeypox
Poxviruses like the monkeypox can survive in linens and clothing, and live particularly well in 'dark, cool, and low humidity environments.'
08-08-2022 17:56

Is Prostasin a Clue to Diabetes/Cancer Link?
Elevated plasma prostasin levels may be a potential biomarker of diabetes and cancer mortality, according to a prospective, population-based study out of Sweden. MDedge News
08-08-2022 17:22

NAMS Affirms Value of Hormone Therapy for Menopausal Women
Recent research supports individualized care to maximize benefits and minimize risks.
08-08-2022 17:15

How Well Do Vaccines Protect Against Long COVID?
Kulick also is now vaccinated and boosted. Had a vaccine been available sooner, could it have protected her from long COVID?
08-08-2022 16:50

Using Wearable Devices to Detect AF Is 'Cost Effective'
Screening for atrial fibrillation using wrist-worn devices is cost-effective compared with no screening or screening for AF using traditional methods, a new study concludes.
08-08-2022 16:41

Concerns That Low LDL-C Alters Cognitive Function Challenged
A Mendelian randomization study appears to exonerate very low LDL-C but not therapies from altering cognition. MDedge News
08-08-2022 16:30

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Key to Longevity for All?
Risk for all-cause mortality was four times greater for US veterans with lowest vs those with highest cardiorespiratory fitness levels, regardless of age, sex, or race, observational data suggest.
08-08-2022 16:16

Spondyloarthritis May Go Undiagnosed in Many With Uveitis
More than half of patients with noninfectious acute anterior uveitis also had spondyloarthritis, suggesting that more patients with musculoskeletal symptoms should be referred to rheumatologists. MDedge News
08-08-2022 16:12

Grease Star Olivia Newton-John Dies at 73
The “Xanadu” star was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, but the cancer returned in 2013.
08-08-2022 16:02

Omicron-Adapted Vaccine Delivery Expected in October: BioNTech
BioNTech expects to begin deliveries of two Omicron-adapted vaccines as soon as October.
08-08-2022 16:00

When Abortion Laws and Emergency Care Mandate Conflict
ED doctors say they — and their patients — are trapped between state antiabortion laws and the federal law requiring that care be delivered in emergency situations. Women's lives hang in the balance.
08-08-2022 15:57

Almost a Third of Patients Don't Take Drugs as Directed
Patients prescribed medicines for asymptomatic conditions are far less likely to be adherent than those prescribed medicines for symptomatic conditions, according to a retrospective analysis.
08-08-2022 15:42

Biden Cleared to End COVID Isolation
During departure from the White House on Marine One on Sunday, he told reporters he was 'feeling good,' saying, 'After 18 days, I'm clear!'
08-08-2022 15:25

Genetic Counseling for Cancer Often Costs Patients Nothing
Most privately insured patients with cancer have no out-of-pocket expenses for genetic counseling services, and even for those who do have expenses, the cost is not high.
08-08-2022 15:12

Clinicians Can Help People With Severe ME/CFS, Even Unseen
About a quarter of people with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome are homebound or bedbound, making medical office visits difficult, if not impossible. Some require tube feeding.
08-08-2022 14:47

Keeping Your Laundry Free From Monkeypox
Is your laundry a way to spread monkeypox? Keeping your laundry clean is good for your health and might be especially important if you or someone close to you has monkeypox. Read on for expert advice on how to keep your laundry monkeypox-free.
08-08-2022 14:43

James Roberts, MD, Trailblazer in EM, Dies at Age 76
During his 45-year career, Dr James Roberts led the field of emergency medicine, dedicated to research, teaching, and his patients.
08-08-2022 13:54

Blood Test for Cancer Available, but Is It Ready for Prime Time?
More US healthcare systems are offering the Galleri multi-cancer detection blood test, but some experts worry that the clinical pathways needed to deal with a positive cancer signal are not yet in place.
08-08-2022 13:46

Trials Data on COPD Leave Primary Care Docs in the Dark
Flare-ups and breathing difficulties were common among patients seen at primary care practices, suggesting a need for better evidence to guide treatment for the condition, a new analysis found.
08-08-2022 13:39

How Well Do Vaccines Protect Against Long COVID?
There is little consensus about how much vaccines can lower the risk of long-term COVID symptoms, but several studies suggest that number lies anywhere from 15% to more than 80%.
08-08-2022 13:39

Self-Employed Women Are Often Healthier
A new study suggests women who are their own bosses might have healthier hearts.
08-08-2022 13:38

Do Some Adhesives in Diabetes Devices Cause Allergic Dermatitis?
Isocyanate adhesives in diabetes devices and wound dressings may cause allergic contact dermatitis, researchers in Belgium report.
08-08-2022 13:08

When Pain and Insomnia Collide: How to Manage ‘Painsomnia’
A report based off a recent online survey of 1,250 U.S. adults found that “painsomnia” (insomnia from chronic pain) keeps many people counting sheep at all hours of the night.
08-08-2022 12:46

AAP Updates Hyperbilirubinemia Guideline
The revised guidelines replace the 2004 version, adding new recommendations for prevention and treatment. MDedge News
08-08-2022 12:31

Quitting Smoking Can Halt Dangerous Drinking, Too
Drugs that curb nicotine cravings were linked to reductions in heavy drinking in a new study.
08-08-2022 12:24

Indiana Becomes 1st State to Approve Abortion Ban Post Roe
The ban, which takes effect Sept. 15, includes some exceptions. Associated Press
08-08-2022 12:15

Evidence Mounts for AI During Colonoscopy
Using artificial intelligence, endoscopists improved their adenoma detection rate in a large randomized controlled trial of screening in asymptomatic people.
08-08-2022 12:05

The New War on Science: 4 Reasons People Reject Good Data
Scientific skepticism is a global phenomenon. Social psychology researchers sought to find out why and what we can do about it.
08-08-2022 11:59

University With Mandated Vaccination, Masking Finds No Evidence Of In-Class COVID-19 Transmission
A new study found no evidence of in-class transmission of COVID-19 in a university with mandated vaccination and masking.
08-08-2022 06:45

COVID May Be Tied To Rise In Children's Brain Infections
A rise in bacterial brain infections in children has been linked to COVID-19 by a new study.
08-08-2022 06:30

New COVID Variant BA.4.6: What Is Known About The Virus Strain
The new BA.4.6 variant being watched by the CDC currently makes up 4.1% of new cases of the virus, according to the agency.
08-08-2022 05:20

Long COVID Affects One In Eight People, Study Finds
A new study revealed that one in eight people with COVID-19 develop at least one symptom of long COVID.
08-08-2022 03:44

Where Could Monkeypox Spread Next? Expert Reveals Shocking Answer
"It was only a matter of time," a disease expert said after a daycare worker infected with monkeypox possibly exposed children under his care.
08-08-2022 01:56

Monkeypox: Is It Too Late To Stop The Outbreak?
Is it too late to stop the monkeypox outbreak? Experts say it's still possible, but only through mass vaccination.
08-08-2022 00:30

Illinois Daycare Staff, Children Potentially Exposed To Monkeypox After Worker Tests Positive
Screening is underway, and no additional cases have been reported thus far.
06-08-2022 21:12

Polio Outbreak In New York: Experts Believe Hundreds Could Be Infected
Experts fear the poliovirus has already infected hundreds of people amid the outbreak.
06-08-2022 20:44

How Retraining Your Brain Could Help With Lower Back Pain
New research debuts a novel effective treatment for chronic pain.
05-08-2022 19:59

Polio in New York Linked to Potential Community Spread
The polio virus has now been found in seven wastewater samples in Rockland and Orange counties, which are next to each other and north of New York City.
05-08-2022 19:17

Euthyroid Sick Syndrome Hits Many With Diabetic Ketosis
A single-center, retrospective review of 396 adults hospitalized for diabetic ketosis or ketoacidosis (91% with type 2 diabetes) found a 58% prevalence of euthyroid sick syndrome. First Look
05-08-2022 19:10

Does Cannabis Help With Menopause Symptoms?
A new survey found strong interest in the drug for issues like hot flashes and mood changes, but experts caution that data on effectiveness are lacking.
05-08-2022 18:39

In California, Abortion Could Become a Constitutional Right.
Proposition 1, the constitutional amendment that would enshrine abortion in California's constitution, would also lock in a less-noticed right: the right to "choose or refuse" contraception.
05-08-2022 18:34

CV Admissions on the Rise in Americans With Cancer
The increase was seen across all cancer types, except prostate cancer, and hit those with hematologic cancers the hardest, according to a new National Inpatient Sample analysis.
05-08-2022 18:21

Cognitive Rehab May Help Older Adults Clear COVID Brain Fog
People whose brains were injured by concussions, traumatic accidents, strokes, etc, can benefit from targeted therapy. Experts employ therapies for long-COVID patients with memory and language problems.
05-08-2022 17:51

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?
What you need to know about vitamin D, including how much you need, food sources of vitamin D, vitamin D blood tests, and vitamin D deficiency.
05-08-2022 17:17

Negative Antiamyloid Drug Trial: Lessons Learned
Although crenezumab was not superior to placebo in individuals who are at high risk for Alzheimer's disease in the API ADAD Colombia Trial, results provide important data for future studies, experts say.
05-08-2022 17:01

Increasing Data Link ME/CFS, Long COVID, and Dysautonomia
Speakers at a recent scientific ME/CFS conference reported new data linking the three conditions. New ICD-10 codes will help clinicians document them.
05-08-2022 16:54

Long COVID Doubles Risk of Serious Outcomes in Children, Teens
The investigators said their findings stress the importance of COVID-19 vaccination in Americans under the age of 18.
05-08-2022 16:53

Just Add Water: A Biodegradable Battery for Medical Devices
Water-activated batteries made of paper might one day power diagnostic devices and limit medical e-waste.
05-08-2022 16:32

FDA Okays Tablet Version of Acalabrutinib for All Indications
The new formulation can be taken with proton pump inhibitors and other gastric acid reducers.
05-08-2022 15:50

FDA Okays First Targeted Agent for HER2-Low Breast Cancer
The targeted therapy led to longer progression-free and overall survival compared with chemotherapy.
05-08-2022 15:36

Is Lp(a) a Marker for Aortic Calcium Onset?
A link between elevated lipoprotein(a) and new-onset aortic valve calcification is found, but not necessarily calcium progression. MDedge News
05-08-2022 15:35

Higher ADRs Show 'Strong Link' With Lower Interval CRC Rates
The reduction in risk over a broad range of ADRs underscores the importance of an effective colonoscopy. MDedge News
05-08-2022 15:07

Top US Hospitals for Gastroenterology Ranked
Mayo Clinic and Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles, still top the list, while UCLA Medical Center, the Cleveland Clinic, and NYU Langone Hospitals round out the top five best hospitals for gastroenterology.
05-08-2022 15:04

Loneliness Can Be a Real Heartbreaker
The American Heart Association (AHA) warns social isolation and loneliness put people at a 30% higher risk of heart attack, stroke or death.
05-08-2022 14:56

My Patient Planned to Murder Me
A physician is horrified when he learns of a patient's deadly intentions. Read about the doctor's terrifying ordeal and how he fought back.
05-08-2022 14:44

Treatment Combo Shows 'Clinical Benefit' in Liver Cancer Trial
The combination of a tyrosine kinase inhibitor with an immune checkpoint inhibitor significantly improved progression-free survival in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma, shows a new study. MDedge News
05-08-2022 14:38

The New War on Science: 4 Reasons People Reject Good Data
Scientific skepticism is a global phenomenon. Social psychology researchers sought to find out why and what we can do about it.
05-08-2022 14:01

LAIAs More Effective Than Oral Antipsychotics for Schizophrenia
Although some clinicians are hesitant to prescribe long-acting injectables for schizophrenia, new research suggests they're superior to oral antipsychotics in preventing relapse ― and they're safer.
05-08-2022 13:54

Death Risk Doubles for Black Infants With BPD
Black infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia were significantly more likely to die or to have a longer hospital stay than infants of other ethnicities, based on data from more than 800 infants. MDedge News
05-08-2022 13:36

source : webmd, medicaldaily, medscape